The 9 Indispensable Rules for Finding Even the Most Elusive Software and Hardware Problems


Author: David J. Agans
Pub Date: November 2006
Your Price: $17.95
ISBN: 9780814474570
Page Count: 192
Format: Paper or Softback

ISBN: 9780814426784

Advance Praise

IEEE Software magazine: "Unlike most books about debugging, this book isn't a technical manual. It's easy to follow and logical in approach and progression. The author elegantly presents the concepts and makes the debugging task unintimidating but, at the same time, points out that the major task is learning to apply his rules. Debugging not only makes the subject area easy to understand; it's an excellent example of how you can present the art of debugging in a way that's meaningful and exciting. This book should be required reading for all technology college students. It explains the logic you need in the real world, logic that so many students don't learn before graduation. After reading this book, I got excited about debugging and went out to look for something to test the nine﷓rule approach on."", David A. Wheeler: “It's not often you find a classic, but I think I've found a new classic for software and computer hardware developers. It's David J. Agan's Debugging….It's hard to bottle experience; this book does a good job. This is a book I expect to find useful many, many, years from now….I think this is a great book….Novices need to learn the fundamentals, and pros need occasional reminders of them; this book is a good way to learn or be reminded of them. Get this book.”"

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