The Complete Human Resources Writing Guide

The Complete Human Resources Writing Guide

Author: Diane Arthur
Pub Date: February 2005
Your Price: $55.00
ISBN: 9780814473092
Page Count: 400
Format: Paper or Softback

ISBN: 9780585039961


The first writing manual designed especially for the needs and job requirements of HR professionals.

Letters, forms, policies, evaluations, and handbooks--these are just a few of the documents that HR professionals produce every day. And it's not just the quantity that counts, it's the clarity and accuracy of the communications that are key.

Here's the first writing manual designed especially for HR professionals. It combines clear, complete, how-to-do-it guidelines on writing with more than 100 actual samples of HR documents. Readers discover how to:

* master the 7 stages of writing, from outline to revision

* avoid employee and legal problems that can arise from poorly written communications

* overcome ""blank page syndrome""

* save time and effort

* make every document achieve its purpose.

About the Author

DIANE ARTHUR (Northport, NY) is president of Arthur Associates Management Consultants. Her previous books include Managing Human Resources in Small and Mid-Sized Companies (AMACOM) and Recruiting, Interviewing, Selecting, and Orienting New Employees (AMACOM).

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