Stress-Free Discipline

Simple Strategies for Handling Common Behavior Problems

 Stress-Free Discipline

Authors: Sara Au, Peter L. Stavinoha
Pub Date: April 2015
Print Edition: $14.95
Print ISBN: 9780814449097
Page Count: 240
Format: Paper or Softback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814449103

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Table of Contents


Introduction and Philosophy 1


Understand Discipline from the Inside Out

1 Decode Your Child's Behavior 9

Most Problem Behavior Is Normal 11

Develop Awareness of Influences That Lead to Bad

(and Good) Behavior 19

Understand Your Child's Motives 23

Behavior = Communication 25

2 Apply Universal Strategies 30

Cultivate a Positive Relationship with a Time-In 32

Role-Model Good Behavior 34

Prioritize Your Absolutes 35

Give Good Directions 36

Enforce Limits and Roles 37

Redirect Your Child's Focus 39

Act Like a Coach 39

Hold Practice Sessions 41

Ignore the Problem Behavior 42

Disengage from Behavior Out of Your Control 44

Yell Sparingly 45

Praise Positive Behavior 46

Offer Positive Reinforcement or Rewards 49

Use Negative Consequences Through Punishment 50

Call a Time-Out 53

Insist on an Apology and Restitution 54


Dealing with Areas of Common Difficulty

3 Tantrums 59

Understand the Source of Tantrums by Age 60

Manage Contributing Factors 61

Deal with Tantrums 66

Use Coaching and Practice Session Strategies

at the Grocery Store 69

Use Disengaging Strategy 72

Understand the Violent Tantrum 73

Reset a Negative Relationship 74

4 Homework 78

Understand Learning Styles 80

Instill a Motivation for Learning 81

Establish a Process for Working Independently 84

Use Positive Reinforcement 92

Effect of Negative Consequences 93

Avoid Unintended Consequences 95

Work with Your Gifted Child 98

5 Mealtime 101

Manage Mealtime Meltdowns 102

Establish a Mealtime Routine and Use Redirection 104

Institute Rules and Use Reinforcement and Restitution 107

Get Your Children to Eat New Foods 111

Develop Strategies for Eating Out at Restaurants 115

6 Bedtime 119

Your Child's Sleep Is Very Important 120

Use Universal Strategies for Bedtime 123

Contend with Childhood Nightmares 130

7 Attitude 134

Contend with Hot-Button Behaviors and Judgment Calls 135

Understand the Intent Behind Behaviors 139

Use Strategies for Battling Attitude Behaviors 142


Develop Positive Characteristics

8 Impact Your Child's Social Development

and Peer Influence 153

Promote Positive Social Relationships with Peers 154

Manage Access to Peer Influencers 158

Combat Negative Peer-Group Behaviors 160

Use Strategies When Your Child Has Peer-Group Problems 163

Handle Sibling Rivalry 166

9 Instill Resilience and Grit in Your Child 170

Let Your Child Experience Failure 171

Grit Doesn't Mean Being as Tough as Nails 174

Have Confidence and Use Praise 175

Problem-Solve Like a Role Model 178

Store Up Reserves of Resilience for Challenging Times 179


Recognize Red Flags

10 Manage Situations That Increase Family Stress 185

Recognize the Symptoms of Stress 186

Maintain Normalcy 190

Separation or Divorce 191

Long-Distance Parenting 194

Illness 195

Financial Problems 198

Moving to a New Home or School 199

New Baby 201

11 Find Professional Help for Your Family 204

Determine Whom to Turn to for Help 206

How to Decide to Call a Professional 210

Recognize When a Behavior Is a Serious Concern 215

12 Conclusion 218

Index 223

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