Intelligent Leadership

What You Need to Know to Unlock Your Full Potential

 Intelligent Leadership

Author: John Mattone
Pub Date: April 2013
Print Edition: $21.95
Print ISBN: 9780814439371
Page Count: 256
Format: Paper or Softback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814432389

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Table of Contents



Foreword by Marshall Goldsmith                                  xi

Acknowledgments                                               xiii

Introduction                                                    xv


CHAPTER 1: Your Leadership Success Roadmap                       1

Where Are the Outstanding Business Leaders?                      2

The Role Models of Outstanding Leadership                        3

The Other End of the Continuum: Unleaderlike                     3

Character and Behavior                                           4

Amant’s Definition of Character                                  5

Identifying High-Potential Leaders                               6

Most Unleaderlike Behavior is Just Plain Immaturity              7

Business Challenges and Trends: Massive Opportunity or Potential Derailer?                                                        8

The Roadmap Continues                                           10


CHAPTER 2: The Wheel of Intelligent Leadership?:  The Outer Core 13

The Nine Outer-Core Strategic Competencies                       18

Calibrating the Outer Core: The Strategic-Tactical Leadership

Index? (STLI?)                                                   32


CHAPTER 3:The Wheel of Intelligent Leadership?: The Inner Core                                                             33

Learned Helplessness                                             35

Getting Leaders to Change                                        36

The Six Elements of Character                                    38

Character and Values                                             42

Harnessing the Power of Character and Values                     44

The Values Profile and Elements of Character                     46

Non-Negative Thinking                                            50

The Power of Versatility                                         52


CHAPTER 4: Map of Leadership Maturity?? The Enneagram            55

Breaking Down the Map of Leadership Maturity? (Enneagram)        58

How to Use the Map of Leadership Maturity?                       65


CHAPTER 5: Understanding Your Helper Leadership Trait            69

Helper Leadership Style                                          72

Tips for Strengthening the Helper Trait in You                   74

Tips for Working with Predominant Helpers                        74

Awareness Exercise: Building Up Your Helper Trait                76


CHAPTER 6: Understanding Your Entertainer Leadership Trait       79

Entertainer Leadership Style                                     82

Tips for Strengthening the Entertainer Trait in You              84

Tips for Working with Predominant Entertainers                   85

Awareness Exercise: Building Up Your Entertainer Trait           86


CHAPTER 7: Understanding Your Artist Leadership Trait            89

Artist Leadership Style                                          92

Tips for Strengthening the Artist Trait in You                   94

Tips for Working with Predominant Artists                        95

Awareness Exercise: Building Up Your Artist Trait                97


CHAPTER 8: Understanding Your Thinker Leadership Trait           99

Thinker Leadership Style                                         102

Tips for Strengthening the Thinker Trait in You                  102

Tips for Working with Predominant Thinkers                       104

Awareness Exercise: Building Up Your Thinker Trait               106


CHAPTER 9: Understanding Your Disciple Leadership Trait          109

Disciple Leadership Style                                        112

Tips for Strengthening the Disciple Trait in You                                                              112

Tips for Working with Predominant Disciples                      114

Awareness Exercise: Building Up Your Disciple Trait              116


CHAPTER 10: Understanding Your Activist Leadership Trait         119

Activist Leadership Style                                        122

Tips for Strengthening the Activist Trait in You                 124

Tips for Working with Predominant Activists                      124

Awareness Exercise: Building Up Your Activist Trait                                                            126

CHAPTER 11: Understanding Your Driver Leadership Trait           129

Driver Leadership Style                                          132

Tips for Strengthening the Driver Trait in You                   132

Tips for Working with Predominant Drivers                        134

Awareness Exercise: Building Up Your Driver Trait                135


CHAPTER 12: Understanding Your Arbitrator Leadership Trait       137

Arbitrator Leadership Style                                      141

Tips for Strengthening the Arbitrator Trait in You               141

Tips for Working with Predominant Arbitrators                    142

Awareness Exercise: Building Up Your Arbitrator Trait            143


CHAPTER 13: Understanding Your Perfectionist Leadership Trait    145

Perfectionist Leadership Style                                   150

Tips for Strengthening the Perfectionist Trait in You            150

Tips for Working with Predominant Perfectionists                 151

Awareness Exercise: Building Up Your Perfectionist Trait         152


CHAPTER 14: The Final Word                                       155

Be (the Absolute Best of) Yourself                               156

Respect the Past, but Move On                                    156


APPENDIX A: Strategic-Tactical Leadership Index? (STLI)          159

APPENDIX B: The STLI Developmental Strategies                    179

APPENDIX C: The Mattone Leadership Enneagram Index (MLEI)        197

APPENDIX D: The Assessment-Driven Leadership Individual

  Development Plan                                               207

APPENDIX E: Sample Leadership Individual Development Plan        219


INDEX                                                            225

ABOUT THE AUTHOR                                                 235

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