The Financial Advisor's Success Manual

How to Structure and Grow Your Financial Services Practice

The Financial Advisor's Success Manual

Authors: David Leo, Craig Cmiel
Pub Date: December 2017
Print Edition: $30.00
Print ISBN: 9780814439135
Page Count: 288
Format: Hardback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814439142

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Analyzing returns, balancing risk, and mastering the array of investment vehicles make you a capable and valued financial advisor, but those things alone won’t make a top producer. The fact is, the skills that will enable you to crack the seven-figure mark typically aren’t taught in any financial advisor manual, MBA program, or workshop.

As a result, you, like many financial advisors, may find yourself lost in the details of your job—filling orders and filing forms—distracted from the processes and activities that could help you get bigger and earn more.

You’re not alone, the skill gap is industry-wide and financial services firms traditionally aren’t designed to scale.

The Financial Advisor’s Success Manual intends to change all that. It picks up where all other books in this industry leave off. It takes the low expectations, fallacies, and misconceptions many financial advisors default to and proposes a new set of truths: You can have the high-value clients you need to meet your financial goals. You can spend the majority of your time on revenue-generating activities. And you can do it by putting forth the same amount of effort that you are expending right now.

This book will show you how. It teaches you proven steps you can take to start earning more—without sacrificing service. Because the fact is, when you’re doing the best job for the right clients, everyone wins.

Other books for financial advisors only focus on finding and landing clients; this manual shows how to structure and organize your practice so it can grow. Yes, you’ll learn strategic techniques for prospecting and winning clients—but first you’ll learn to build the foundation for success and then implement marketing tactics that attract and retain the right clients for achieving your goals.

Veteran advisors might learn some of these tactics through years of trial and error. With The Financial Advisor’s Success Manual, you can cut to the chase with a structured process, time-tested strategies, easy worksheets, ready-made templates, and more that will accelerate your growth. These proven techniques and valuable assets save you years of angst and enable you to put your business on a path that reaps exponentially larger rewards sooner than you’d imagine.

The Financial Advisor’s Success Manual gets you thinking differently from the get-go. It all starts with a mindset shift. Are you prepared to reassess everything you know about financial management? Then ask yourself these questions, and read The Financial Advisor’s Success Manual to be guided to the answers.

Which of your clients deserve the most retention effort?

What clients provide the best growth opportunities for you?

Which of your clients should you transform or transfer in order to increase their value or reduce their cost to your business?

Where should you focus your referral and introduction efforts?

How should you direct your marketing efforts?

What are the most effective ways to communicate with your prospects and clients?

What qualities do your top clients have in common?

You have the talent. Now all you need is the manual.

David Leo is a business coach and strategic consultant to financial advisors. He has decades of financial services industry experience, including over seven years in Paine Webber’s Private Client Group, where he specialized in productivity solutions. Craig Cmiel is co-founder and managing partner of Great Lakes & Atlantic Wealth Management and Advisory Partners.

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