Successful Acquisitions

A Proven Plan for Strategic Growth

 Successful Acquisitions

Author: David Braun
Pub Date: April 2013
Print Edition: $26.95
Print ISBN: 9780814439043
Page Count: 256
Format: Paper or Softback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814432662

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I am making one simple assumption in this book—that you want to

grow your business. But what happens when growth hits a ceiling?

When current markets are saturated? When existing product lines

are exhausted? When there just seems no way to expand, however

hard you push? My purpose in these pages is to give you a break-

through solution—a complete roadmap to successful expansion

through acquiring other companies.

Beyond that, I want to help you expand your understanding

of mergers and acquisitions, of how they unfold in the real world,

especially for the mid-market player.

For most people, M&A has a peculiar aura. On the one hand,

there’s an unmistakable fascination in the spectacle of massive

corporations eating each other alive. On the other hand, most M&A

literature comes in the form of heavy academic tomes, packed with

legalese and financial equations of little use to the average business-

person.It seems the subject is simultaneously glamorous and impen-

etrably dull. In this book, I will show you a world of M&A that is

both fascinating and accessible.

First, a reality check. Most acquisitions are not multi-billiondollar

takeovers. According to Bloomberg’s M&A Advisory League

Tables (April 2, 2012), 97 percent of all M&A transactions are below

$500 million in value. That means that every year, hundreds of amicable

transactions are consummated between modest-sized companies,

the majority of which are privately owned. You rarely read

about these deals in the business press, and by definition, a private

transaction yields less public information. Yet this activity is absolutely

essential to a healthy economy.

This book is different from most others on mergers and acquisitions,

because it is focused exclusively on the small to mid-market

sector, where most M&A activity actually occurs. And it is entirely

concerned with the art of buying. Most important, what you will

find here is a practical step-by-step plan for acquisition based on

fundamental principles. Every detail of the plan has been tested and

proven through decades of overseeing successful acquisitions.

As you will discover, the true function of an acquisition is not

just growth but recalibration. Buying another company will change

yours for better or worse, depending on how strategically you

approach the deal. By the same token, M&A activity as a whole

serves to recalibrate entire industries. It is one of the market’s most

effective mechanisms for self-correction and positive evolution.

The better you understand acquisitions, the better you understand

business itself.

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