Shift Ahead

How the Best Companies Stay Relevant in a Fast-Changing World

 Shift Ahead

Authors: Allen Adamson, Joel Steckel
Pub Date: November 2017
Print Edition: $27.95
Print ISBN: 9780814438336
Page Count: 272
Format: Hardback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814438343

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Table of Contents


Acknowledgments ix

Chapter 1: Why This Book? 1

Chapter 2: Heed the Red Flags 19

Red Flag One: Basic Math 21

Red Flag Two: Competing on Price, Not Differentiation 22

Red Flag Three: Big on Data, Short on Analysis 23

Red Flag Four: Neglecting Table Stakes 25

Red Flag Five: Pride Often Does Go Before a Fall 26

Red Flag Six: Being Too Deep in Your Comfort Zone 28

Red Flag Seven: Yertle the Turtle Is Left Behind 31

Chapter 3: The Road Barriers 33

Kodak Read the Writing on the Wall 
(but Wasn't Willing to Pay the Price) 34

Xerox: Sunk Cost Bias and Golden Handcuffs Deterrents to Both Business and Brand 42

Toys "R" Us: Playing Catch-up Is Hard When You're 
 Competing on the Wrong Metrics 47

Procter & Gamble: Not Too Big to Fail (or Stumble) 50

BlackBerry: Invincibility Is a Myth 54

National Geographic: A Well-Documented Case of Cultural Myopia 58

Playboy: A Yesterday Brand, with a Lesson Relevant for Today 62

American Cancer Society: Leadership on Autopilot Is Fatal 
in Fast-Changing Conditions 66

Teach for America: The Challenge to Get Back to the 
 Founder's Mentality 69

Chapter 4: Ready the Organization for a Shift 81

American Express: Still Shifting After All Those Years 82

Hertz: Research as Waze 85

Facebook: Shifting Gears Comes Naturally 88

New York Life: Mutuality Does Mean a Lot 91

Delta: Climbing in Employee Satisfaction, and Otherwise 93

Sony: Going Back to Where It Plays Best 97

Chapter 5: Making Sense of the Road Ahead 109

Chapter 6: Which Shift to Make? It Depends on What's Ahead 123

Barnes & Noble: Understand Your DNA 126

Katz's Delicatessen: Sometimes Staying in Park Is the Right Gear 128

Cheerios: "Small Shifts" to Meet Shifting Attitudes 131

Hasbro: Game on . . . Shifting by "Zooming Out" 133

CNN: An Important Message for Media Companies 138

Conservation International: A Shift to Link Environmental 
 Conservation to Economic Growth 143

IBM: A Legacy of Continued Shifting 148

Lindblad: Shifting to Deliver Deeper Expertise to a Core Focus 152

Comcast: Two Shifts, Two Roads, One Purpose 154

BP: A Lesson Learned 160

Chapter 7: Leadership 171

John Sexton: New York University (NYU) 175

Shelly Lazarus: Ogilvy & Mather--Leading the People 
Who Build Leading Brands 181

Central Park: Holding People Accountable--and Getting Your 
 Own Hands Dirty 185

Forbes Media: Adversity Was the Mother of Reinvention 190

Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School: Guiding Kids--
and Parents--with Honesty and Determination 197

Chapter 8: Success Stories: 
What it Takes for the Long Haul 207

Marriott International: From Root Beer to Resorts 212

FedEx: Keeping the Purple Promise 216

Greenwich Public Library: Successfully Shifting Ahead in the 
 Age of Digital Information 225

Chapter 9: Success Is Never Final 237

IAVA: A Clearly Focused Mission as a Compass for 
Veterans' Shifting Needs 238

HBO: Always Ahead, It's Never Been Just TV 243

GE: Reinvention at Work for over 125 Years 249

Concluding Remarks 257

Notes 263

Index 269

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