High-Profit Prospecting

Powerful Strategies to Find the Best Leads and Drive Breakthrough Sales Results

 High-Profit Prospecting

Author: Mark Hunter, CSP
Pub Date: September 2016
Print Edition: $18.95
Print ISBN: 9780814437766
Page Count: 224
Format: Paper or Softback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814437797

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Table of Contents

High-Profit Prospecting: Powerful Strategies to Find the Best Leads and Drive Breakthrough Sales Results





1. What Does Prospecting Mean Today?

False Hopes/False Promises

It’s Not Rocket Science When Management is Wrong, But Thinks It’s Right

The Evolution of Prospecting

Sales is Not a Science, It’s an Art

2. The Myths and Surprising Facts About Finding New Customers

Prospecting Myth #1: One and Done

Prospecting Myth #2: I’ll Prospect When I’m Done Taking Care of My Existing Customers

Prospecting Myth #3: It’s Impossible to Have a Dedicated Time to Prospect

Prospecting Myth #4: We’ve Made It This Long Without Having to Prospect

Prospecting Myth #5: If We Provide Great Customer Service to Our Existing Customers, We Won’t Have to Prospect Prospecting Myth #6: Only “Born Salespeople” Can Prospect

3. Major Factors in Successful Lead Generation

Your Attitude is Your Problem

Rejection Goes With the Territory

Would You Buy From Yourself?

7 Things Motivated People Do to Stay Motivated

Are You Even Focused?

It’s User Error, Not System Error


4. Planning for High-Profit Customers

Prospects Don’t Want Average

7 Strategic Questions Regarding Your Prospecting Process

30 Tactical Questions to Measure Your Effectiveness and Process

5. Fit the Prospecting Plan to Your Market

What Are You Selling? Who Are You Selling It to?

You Need a Good Tailor

One Size Does Not Fit All

6. Time Management Tactics

Prospecting is Not the Last Thing on Your List

Time for Prospecting Means You Actually Prospect

Does Your Clock Match Your Prospect’s Clock?

Don’t Start What You Can’t Finish

7. Counterintuitive Lead Generation

Who You Prospect Will Determine the Price You Get

Love the Ones You’re With

Hug Your Competitor’s Customers

Fill the Bus You’re Driving

“Secret Societies” Don’t have to be Secret

Don’t Forget Your “Exes”

A “No” is Never Permanent

Find New Dance Partners

Know Your Purchasing Department

Who are Your Customer’s Customers?

Search Your Search

Are You Prospecting or Wasting Your Time?

Calling Your Friends is Not Prospecting

8. Are They Prospects or Merely Suspects?

Are You Gaming the System?

You’ve Got Suspects, Not Prospects

6 Ways to Separate Prospects from Suspects

Are you Attracting High-Value or Low-Value Prospects?

Price Does Not Belong in Prospecting


9. Best Practices for Making the Initial Contact

Your Prospects Don’t Care About You

Your Goal Is a First Date

3 Ways to Get the First Date

The Art of the Second Date

10. Does the Telephone Still Work?

Cold Calling vs. Informed Calling

You Can’t Hide. I’ll Find You.

They’re Not Answering. Now What?

11. Customer Engagement Dos and Don’ts

Pour the Coffee and Make the Call

“5 After 5”

Who Takes Holidays?

12. Prospecting Tools

I Wasn’t Expecting That to Happen

10 Best Practices for Prospecting with the Telephone

13. What do I Do Now?

Sure You Can Cheat and Help Yourself – Telephone Scripts You Need

All You Need is One

14. Does Anybody Listen to Voicemail?

What Did They Say?

Where’s the Value?

You Thought They Would Return Your Call?

Short Messages = Greater Impact

Only 3 Things Go Into a Voicemail

Is There an Energy Shortage?

10 Rules for Leaving a Great Voicemail

15. Email, Communication and Connection

Your Toolbox Needs More Than One Tool

You Mean You Didn’t Read My Email?

This is Not the Time for a Shopping List

Is Your Subject Line Working for You or Against You?

Don’t Lose Me Now

Let’s Cheat Some More – Email Scripts You Need

If I Send It, Will They See It?

Don’t Let a Smartphone Keep You From Looking Smart

10 Rules for Using Email to Prospect

16. Referrals and Other Major Pipeline Builders

Why Aren’t You Asking?

Meet Roger, the Master

The 4-Step Dance

If You Don’t Ask, You Will Never Know

Keep It Simple

Sharing the Love

Don’t Forget Who Brought You to the Dance

Your Mother is Watching You

Borrowing from the Best

Blitz, Blitz, and Blitz Again

17. The Value and Pitfalls of Social Media

Would You Build a Home on Land You Didn’t Own?

Why Do You Think It’s Called, “Social”?

You Mean I Can’t Spend All Day on Social Media?

Yes, You Do Need a Strategy

Defining Your Social Media Strategy

It’s a Slippery Slope

This Town Might Be Boring to You, but Not to Me




The Circus Continues

18. Prospecting Via Social Media

The “Experts” Aren’t Experts

Your Time is Not Their Time

Why Aren’t More Salespeople Doing This?

Search, Seek, Connect

The Fallacy of the Numbers

You Mean to Tell Me I Won’t Have Instant Customers?

Social Media Sites are Merely Search Engines


19. Getting Past the Gatekeeper

Always Treat Them with Respect

While You Look Left, I’ll Go Right

20. Winning at the Enterprise Level

The Roles People Play

Best Practices

21. Is It Worth It to Even Try to Reach the C-Suite?

Criteria for Prospecting the C-Suite

They Think Differently Than the Average Prospect

They Play with a Different Rule Book

Learning the Secret Handshake

The Magic Minutes

They Have Friends. I Have Friends. We Need to Meet.

It’s a Long Haul. The 10% Rule

22. Getting Past the Shut Door

When is it Time to Walk Away from a Lead?

It’s a Prospecting Pipeline, Not a Prospecting Parking Lot

Pick a Different Road. Pick a Different Car.

23. Turning a Prospect Into a Customer

6 Things You Can’t Do if You Want to Turn the Prospect Into a Customer

When Keeping Them in the Dark is a Good Thing

Let’s Not Talk Price

Your Most Valuable Asset is Your Time

Don’t Get Mesmerized by the Customer

Checking In is Checking Out

Why Wait? Go Now!

Conclusion: Yes, You Can Do It!

10 Things Top-Performing Salespeople Do Regularly


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