How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life


Author: Brian Tracy
Pub Date: January 2009
Print Edition: $14.95
Print ISBN: 9780814437544
Page Count: 224
Format: Paper or Softback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814413470

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Getting Ahead

A Self-Directed Roadmap to Career Success

- Be Future-Oriented. Project yourself forward five years. Imagine that you were doing exactly the right job for you. To make this vision a reality, seriously consider the answers to these questions: What would the perfect work situation look and feel like? Where would you be working? Who would you be working with? How much would you be earning?

- Be Goal-Oriented. People who have clear, specific goals accomplish vastly more than people who are not sure what they want. To begin, make a list of ten goals you would like to achieve in the next year or so. Write them in the present tense as though you have already achieved them. Start each goal with the word I. This simple exercise effectively triggers ideas and energy that begin to move you toward your goals, and your goals toward you.

- Be Results-Oriented. Your ability to get results is the single most important determinant of how much you are paid and how rapidly you are promoted. Results are everything. To improve your results record, set priorities in your work. Start by making a list of all your job’s tasks and activities. Ask your boss to rank them in order of importance.

- Be Solution-Oriented. Work, like life, is a continuous succession of problems. Not surprisingly, solution-oriented people are the most valuable people in any organization. The better you get at solving problems, the bigger the problems you will be given to solve, and more money and power you will be given to go along with the size of the problems. When any problem comes along, deal with it. Define it clearly, identify all the possible causes and solutions, and make a decision to implement a solution, backed by immediate action.

- Be People-Oriented. Relationships are everything. Your level of success will be largely determined by the number of people you know and who know you in a positive way. The key to becoming a people-oriented person is to practice the golden rule in everything you do. It truly pays to be courteous, kind, and considerate when you deal with other people, especially people in lesser-paid positions than your own.

- Be Growth-Oriented. Within five years, most of what you know today about your field will be irrelevant or obsolete. In order to survive and thrive in a fast-changing world, you must continually upgrade your knowledge and skills. Devote at least one hour a day to reading articles or books related to your line of work. Listen to audio programs in your car as you drive from place to place. Take every good course and seminar in your field that you can find. To set yourself apart from the crowd, dedicate yourself to lifelong learning.

- Be Action-Oriented. Resolve today to develop a sense of urgency. The faster you move, the more you get done. And the more you get done, the more experience you get and the more competent you become. When you develop a reputation for getting the job done fast, with dependability, you naturally attract more opportunities to do more things of greater importance.

Adapted from REINVENTION: How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life by Brian Tracy (AMACOM 2009).

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