Fundamentals of Project Management

 Fundamentals of Project Management

Author: Joseph Heagney
Pub Date: August 2016
Print Edition: $17.95
Print ISBN: 9780814437360
Page Count: 240
Format: Paper or Softback
Edition: Fifth Edition
e-Book ISBN: 9780814437377

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Fundamentals of Project Management, 5th Ed


Figure List

Preface to 5th Edition

Chapter 1 An Overview of Project Management

Project Failures

What Is Project Management

It is Not Just Scheduling!

The Accidental Project Manager

The Big Trap: Working Project Managers

You Can’t Have It All!

The Phases of a Project





Execution and Control


The Steps in Managing a Project

Define the Project

Develop Solution


Plan the Project

Execute the Project

Monitor and Control Progress

Close the Project

The Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK)

Project Processes




Monitoring and Controlling


Knowledge Areas

Project Integration Management

Project Scope Management

Project Time Management

Project Cost Management

Project Quality Management

Project Human Resources Management

Project Communications Management

Project Risk Management

Project Procurement Management

Project Stakeholder Management

Key Points to Remember


Chapter 2 The Role of the Project Manager

What is Managing?

Definitions of Management

It’s about People!

The Working Project Manager


A Moment of Truth

Leadership and Management

Do You Want to be a Project Manager?

Key Points to Remember

Chapter 3 Planning the Project

The Absolute Imperative of Planning

Planning Defined

Strategy, Tactics, and Logistics

Implementation Planning


Plan Ingredients

Sign-Off of the Plan

Changing the Plan

Suggestions for Effective Planning

Project Planning Steps

Key Points to Remember


Chapter 4 Incorporating Stakeholder Management into the Project Planning Process

Prioritizing Stakeholders

Engaging Key Stakeholder

Stakeholder Alignment and Communication

Managing Multicultural Stakeholders

Management Adjustment based on the Stakeholder’s Cultural

The Five Cultural Dimensions

Working with Remote, External Stakeholders

Uniting Stakeholders

Key Points to Remember

Chapter 5 Developing a Mission, Vision, Goals, and Objectives for the Project

Defining the Problem

Confusion of Terms

The Real World

The Real Mission of Every Project

Developing Project Objectives

The Nature of Objectives

Assessing Project Risks

Key Points to Remember


Chapter 6 Creating the Project Risk and Communication Plans

Defining Project Risk Management

The Six-Step Process for a Project Risk Plan

Step 1: Make a List

Steps 2 and 3: Determine the Probability of Risk Occurrence and Negative Impact

Step 4: Prevent or Mitigate the Risk

Step 5: Consider Contingencies

Step 6: Establish the Trigger Point

Establishing Reserves

Managing Multiproject Risks

Coordination Points

Risk Matrix

Risk Register

The Communication Plan

Key Points to Remember


Chapter 7 Using the Work Breakdown Structure to Plan a Project

A Simple Example of a WBS

Guidelines for Developing the WBS

Uses of the WBS

Estimating Time, Costs, and Resources

The Hazards of Estimating

Suggestions for Effective Estimating

Historical Data

Level of Detail

Ownership of the Estimate

Human Productivity

Improving Estimating Ability

Project Procurement Management

Key Points to Remember


Chapter 8 Scheduling Project Work

A Brief History of Scheduling

Network Diagrams

The Reason for Scheduling

Constructing an Arrow Diagram

Key Points to Remember


Chapter 9 Producing a Workable Schedule

Schedule Computations

Network Rules

Basic Scheduling Computations

Forward-Pass Computations

Backward-Pass Computations

Using the Network to Manage the Project

Converting Arrow Diagrams to Bar Charts

Assigning Resources to Tasks

Resource Availability

Key Points to Remember


Chapter 10 Project Control and Evaluation

Achieving Team Member Self-Control

Characteristics of a Project Control System

Taking Corrective Action

Timelines of Response

Designing the Right System

Practicing the KISS Principle

Project Review Meetings

Project Evaluation

Purposes of Project Evaluation

Conducting the Project Process Review

The Process Review Report

Key Points to Remember

Chapter 11 The Change Control Process

Sources of Change

The Six Steps in the Change Control Process

The Change Control Form


The Change Control Log

The Project Spin-Off

Embracing Change

Key Points to Remember


Chapter 12 Project Control Using Earned Value Analysis

Measuring Progress

Measuring Project Performance Quality

Earned Value Analysis

Variance Analysis Using Spending Curves

Examples of Tracking using Spending Curves

Variance Analysis Using Hours Only

Responding to Variances

Acceptable Variances

Using Percentage Complete to Measure Progress

Key Points to Remember


Chapter 13 Managing the Team Project

Team Building

Promoting Teamwork through Planning

Getting Organized


Clarifying the Team’s Mission, Goals, and Objectives

Conflicts between Individual Goals and the Team’s Mission

Team Issues

Working Out Procedures

Relationships in Teams

Stages in a Team’s Development

Leading a Team through the Stages

Developing Commitment to a Team

A Final Suggestion

Key Points to Remember

Chapter 14 The Project Manager as Leader

Laying the Foundation

Understanding Leadership Characteristics

Understanding Leadership Styles

Creating Project Constituents

Creating a Consistency in Working Relationships

Encouraging Risk Taking and the Elimination of Fear of Failure

Establishing a Positive Culture of Dissent


Project Leadership and the Team Environment

Identifying and Developing Team Member Roles

Determining the Appropriate Approach to Conflict Resolution

Leading Project Status Meetings

Working with Virtual Teams

Key Points to Remember


Chapter 15 Closing the Project

Two Types of Project Closure

Creating a Project Information and Document Repository

Creating a Lessons Learned Analysis

Reviewing Your Project Closure Checklist

Dealing with Premature Project Closure

Key Points to Remember

Chapter 16 How to Make Project Management Work in Your Company

Answers to Exercises


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