Ask More

The Power of Questions to Open Doors, Uncover Solutions, and Spark Change

 Ask More

Author: Frank Sesno
Pub Date: January 2017
Print Edition: $25.00
Print ISBN: 9780814436714
Page Count: 272
Format: Hardback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814436721

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Table of Contents

Chapter One:

Why Ask 6

Chapter Two:

Something’s Not Right: Diagnostic Questions 14

What’s the Problem? 15

“Miss Nosy” 17 The Mystery Patient 20

Bad News is Good News 22

History is News Too 26

Challenge the Expert 28

After the Diagnosis, the Strategy 33

Chapter Three:

The General’s Charge: Strategic Questions 35

Set Your Sights 36

A Strategic Approach 38

A General’s Command 40

Eight Yeses 43

Failure is an Option 46

Getting Personal 49

Challenge Yourself 51

Chapter Four:

From the Inside Out: Empathy Questions 53

The Good Professor 56

The Empathetic Interviewer 59

Therapeutic Inquiry 67

License and Limits 73

Chapter Five:

The Gentle Interrogator: Bridging Questions 75

Get Them Talking 77

Solving Puzzles 80

Affirm and Acknowledge 85

Questions Without Question Marks 86

Echo Questions 88

Build the Bridge 90

Chapter Six:

For the Record: Confrontational Questions 91

Care to Listen 93

Unintended Consequences 97

Demanding Answers 101

Confronting Power 104

An Audience Helps 105

No Way Out 107

Blunt Force 111

Chapter Seven:

Imagine This: Creativity Questions 113

Beyond the Possible 115

Travel in Time 117

Cutting Strings 119

Imagined Reality 124

Ask for Subversion 128

Chapter Eight:

The Solvable Problem: Mission Questions 133

Listening for Common Goals 134

The Value Proposition 136

Change the World 140

Sharing Works 143

What Brings You Here? 145

Asking to Listen 148

Solve Problem with Purpose 150

Chapter Nine:

Into the Unknown: Scientific Questions 153

The Doctor’s Quest 155

A Mystery Killer 157

Cultures Clash 159

Test but Verify 162

Stretch Yourself 164

Slow Answers to Slow Questions 167

Chapter Ten:

The Edison Test: Interview Questions 170

Hunting the Best Heads 174

Look Back, Look Ahead 176

Finding Innovation 178

Be Ready for the Curveball 181

The Candid Candidate 183

Asking for the Team 186

Interview the Interviewer 188

Bright Ideas 191

Chapter Eleven:

The Inspired Host: Entertaining Questions 193

Set the Stage, Set the Tone 193

You’re on! 202

Supper with Socrates 204

Asking for Laughs 206

A Host of Questions 207

Chapter Twelve:

Lessons for Life: Legacy Questions 209

Seeking Context 210

Why Didn’t I Ask? 211

The Rabbi 213

Facing Failure 217

Asking for Meaning 219

Asking for Life 221

Chapter Thirteen:

I’m Glad I Asked 225

The Justice of Citizenship 227

Ask to Lead 229

Poems of Humanity 231

Always Asking 232

Profane and Profound 236


Diagnostic Questions 240

Strategic Questions 242

Empathetic Questions 244

Bridging Questions 246

Confrontation Questions 248

Creativity Questions 250

Mission Questions 252

Scientific Questions 254

Interview Questions 256

Entertaining Questions 258

Legacy Questions 260

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