75 Ways for Managers to Hire, Develop, and Keep Great Employees

 75 Ways for Managers to Hire, Develop, and Keep Great Employees

Author: Paul Falcone
Pub Date: June 2016
Print Edition: $21.95
Print ISBN: 9780814436691
Page Count: 336
Format: Paper or Softback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814436707

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HR starts with managers . . . Front-line, in-the-trenches leaders who oversee the work of their teams day in and day out, through good markets and bad, and through new change initiatives that seem to be never ending in today’s business environment.

The challenges are daunting, but there have also never been more opportunities to grow and develop leadership careers. Think about the challenges that companies face at the onset of the Third Millennium – evolutionary change at revolutionary speed, the explosion of new technologies, intense global competition, mergers, integration, and a host of other challenges for keeping up competition-wise at a breakneck pace. Yes, it sounds exhausting, and in many ways it is, but the opportunities for strong leaders to stand out among their peers and build stronger companies have never been greater.

What’s the dividing line between good to great companies, between stellar individual careers and those who struggle to the minimums, and between effective versus lackluster teams? The leadership edge. The strongest leaders enjoy the opportunities that come along with challenging and changing times—career progression and compensation rewards (individuals), higher revenue and profit margins (companies), and greater group performance and sustainable engagement (teams).

The question for any organization, of course, is how you get there. Most executives realize that what “keeps them up at night” is typically related to human capital performance in one aspect or another. If sales numbers aren’t being hit, if costs are spiraling through the roof, or if systems implementations aren’t rolling out smoothly, then people performance issues are usually at the core of the problem. If excessive turnover or intermittent FMLA leaves of absence are crippling your ability to provide consistent customer service and leading to unexpected and unwanted client turnover or sky-high labor costs, then people issues are clearly at hand. On the flip side, if workers are engaged, committed, and self-motivated, then all problems simply appear to melt away, and your organizational focus shifts toward rewards and creative expression as opposed to maintenance and defense.

How Can This Book Help?

75 Ways for Managers to Hire, Develop, and Retain Great Employees is a consultant in a box to walk you through the challenges and opportunities that stem from leading employees effectively. Author and HR executive Paul Falcone offers his best career advice based on twenty years of HR leadership in the trenches at organizations like Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures, Time Warner, and City of Hope. In this newest working toolkit, he captures the essence of some of his other bestselling books, including 96 Great Interview Questions Before You Hire, 101 Tough Conversations to Have with Employees, and 101 Sample Write-Ups for Documenting Employee Performance Problems, in addition to the many articles he’s written on motivation and employee engagement for HR Magazine over the years as well as the AMA Playbook, It incorporates the content from his successful webinar series for the American Management Association and Business Management Daily in addition to the many courses he’s taught over the years at UCLA Extension, including ethics for human resource professionals and legal aspects of human resource management.

The purpose of this book is to provide a handy guide and guiding hand through some of the toughest employee relations challenges that corporate leaders face every day—whether they have an HR team in place to help them or not. The examples and stories provided are replete with real life scenarios that are common across all industries and geographies because people are people, and most will respond in a predictable fashion under particular sets of circumstances. The focus of this book will be to create the right type of environment—both verbally and in writing—to maximize relationships, focus on performance and productivity and, when necessary, protect the company legally.

Getting every one of your people leaders on the same page philosophically, culturally, and mentally is no easy feat. Creating a starting point where organizational leaders – from team leads to supervisors to managers, directors, vice presidents, and above – are all in harmony when it comes to certain basic premises about work and more specifically, about working in your organization and for your team, will always be a challenge.

But wouldn’t it help tremendously helpful if everyone agreed on one Operational Field Manual on how to lead effectively, how to practice the fine arts of employment offense and defense, and how to treat people respectfully so that employees could find new ways of motivating and reinventing themselves in light of your company’s changing needs? If so, that one field book would have to not only cover the basics of effective hiring, performance management, and leadership development . . . It would also have to jump into the trenches alongside your leaders to provide them with on-the-spot guidance for managing some of the trickiest employment and employee relations situations that may come their way on a day-to-day basis.

Finally, that field book has been created. 75 Ways for Managers to Hire, Develop, and Keep Great Employees truly is a field guide outlining what every senior HR executive wished their departmental and divisional leaders knew about communicating openly and honestly, holding people appropriately accountable, building a spirit of teamwork and camaraderie, and making it safe for workers to find new ways of re-engaging and reinventing themselves so they’re part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Of course no one field guide can perfectly align with the individual beliefs that you hold for your company and for your teams. However, this book creates an important base line and foundation to draw from. It’s okay to disagree with certain “best practices” as outlined in the text because leadership is like parenting—there’s no one way to do this that’s always right. Situations and personalities differ, and circumstances may limit the options and choices you have available. What’s important, though, is that you’re talking to your leaders about what you agree with and what you’d want to see done differently at your organization. This book is intended to set the foundation for addressing issues that plague even the strongest managers and the organizations from time to time.

The goal of this book is harmonize employee relations, to help you hire the best and brightest, to communicate effectively so that small problems don’t become major impediments, to motive and engage your workers so they can perform their very best work every day and, when necessary, to know when to trust your gut and practice “defensive HR” strategies so that you don’t inadvertently step on land mines that may be set for you out there, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

It’s leadership offense and defense in the workplace, but it’s much more than that. This book teaches workplace wisdom—not just rules and compliance, and not just niceness without connection to productivity. It’s about fostering a culture where workers want to expend discretionary effort, where contagious energy begets excitement and goodwill, and where the potential for worker burnout is more than offset by the opportunities to find new ways of adding value and feeling recognized and appreciated.

Believe it or not, productivity, loyalty, and performance are not a thing of the past. They’re still attainable in today’s day and age. But it all begins with the caliber of your front-line leaders and their ability to motivate teams and instill a strong sense of accountability for concrete results. Join us now as we walk you through the key areas of leadership excellence in this all-in-one book covering what every company wants from a great HR department—a standard setter in terms of effective hiring and successful communication and motivation as well as a greater understanding of and ability to employ progressive discipline and structure terminations that will withstand legal scrutiny. It’s all part of the same continuum, and it’s all about management with a heart, selfless leadership, and getting teams to deliver 110% because they want to, not because they have to.

If all managers in corporate America had a guidebook like this to lead effectively and manage their own careers, employee engagement and retention would soar and people would have more fun at work. This book is long overdue as a one-stop resource for building effective leadership teams that listen to their workers, engage and challenge employees, and get everyone aligned with the strategic leadership values and vision that apply to every workplace. Turn to 75 Ways for Managers to Hire, Develop, and Keep Great Employees to attract the best, build effective teams, and get workers to fall in love with your company.

After all, what could be better than helping people prosper in their careers, find new ways of creating value in your organization, and receiving the appropriate recognition and acknowledgement for their efforts? You hold the key to it all. Master the fine art of leadership in the workplace, and touch everyone’s life and career as their favorite boss, mentor, and coach. You be the gift. You set the standard for others to follow. Teach what you choose to learn, and fall in love with the idea of helping others build their careers and realize their ambitions. Simply stated, you can give your company no greater benefit than the gift of a motivated, energized, and engaged workforce.

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