The Scorecard Solution

Measure What Matters and Drive Sustainable Growth

The Scorecard Solution

Author: Dan E. King
Pub Date: January 2015
Print Edition: $29.95
Print ISBN: 9780814434925
Page Count: 288
Format: Hardback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814434932

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“It drives me crazy when I can’t get answers. I see erosion in our revenue

and no one seems to be able to explain what is happening to cause it.

All I get are opinions and guesswork. How can I address the problem

when I don’t even know where or what it is?”

Do you share this frustration? A CEO made this comment to me

during my research for this book. She wasn’t the only person who said

something similar. What I learned through multiple interviews with executives

is that business leaders live in fear of two problems: (1) not being

told the truth about the health of the enterprise and (2) having to make

major, strategic decisions with too little information.

Unfortunately, the causes of these problems are usually baked into

the system.

Even the most approachable leaders have subordinates who are reluctant

to disclose looming performance deviations or organizational

weakness. We’d like to believe that the messenger never gets shot, but

there are plenty of messengers in companies across the land who would

rather not test that premise.

As a result, a leader receives sanitized information. This is a dangerous

scenario for a decision maker. Without comprehensive and current data

about the organization’s capabilities, the leader is forced to make investment

decisions and allocate resources based on partial facts.

In addition to not having the facts, leaders may be unaware of their

own mindset, which can add to the dilemma. During my work with

CEOs and senior leadership teams, I’ve found that they have a bias toward

the belief that “all is good.” They want to believe that their organization

is rock solid and delivering the best possible results, given market conditions.

Many leaders also are prone to maintaining the status quo. Because

they are somewhat in the dark regarding the health of the enterprise,

there is no urgency to address weaknesses they don’t see, particularly if

the weaknesses have not yet shown up in the numbers. Why fix what

isn’t broken? That becomes the mantra. If current performance of the

business is acceptable, why rock the boat? After all, change is tough on

an organization, right? Why be bold for the future and risk your present


The reality is that present success is not self-sustaining. Without preventive

maintenance, something is always breaking.

The Scorecard Solution will solve these problems by giving you a practical

tool for maintaining a crystal-clear and constant view of your business

that will enable better decision making. That tool, the

Organizational Prowess Scorecard, delivers the unvarnished, unemotional

facts about what is really happening in areas of the company you can’t

see every day. It has three major components:

1. Strategy Planning—what are we going to work on?

2. Execution Framework—how do we get it done?

3. Talent—who will do the work?

In my experience these components all need to be in top form for a

company to thrive. If you have, for instance, a bad plan, you’ll squander op-

portunities. If you have a good plan, but aren’t able to execute it within an

acceptable time frame, you’ll lose ground competitively. And if you have

too many “B” players in mission-critical roles, key goals will be missed.

Each component is broken down into measurable subcomponents

that are assessed and given a numerical score, which, when tallied, will

show you how you’re doing in a subcomponent, a major component and,

most important, overall.

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