The Bible on Leadership

From Moses to Matthew -- Management Lessons for Contemporary Leaders

The Bible on Leadership

Author: Lorin Woolfe
Pub Date: June 2002
Print Edition: $18.95
Print ISBN: 9780814434918
Page Count: 208
Format: Paper or Softback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814426630

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Table of Contents

"1. Honesty and Integrity

Samuel, Paul, and Isaiah are among many Biblical leaders demonstrating this quality. James Burke, Warren Buffett, and Herb Kelleher offer business models.

2. Purpose

Biblical heros include Moses, who led his people to the Promised Land, Hezekiah, and Queen Esther. Among business leaders are Steve Jobs, Fred Smith, and Anita Roddick.

3. Kindness and Compassion

Jesus, who gave us the ""Golden Rule,"" as well as David, the Good Samaritan, and others are Biblical models. Admirable business leaders include Howard Schultz, Aaron Feuerstein, and Roy Vagelos.

4. Humility

Peter, who said ""I am only a man myself,"" the long-suffering Job, and others exemplify this trait. Modern businessmen include Larry Bossidy, Ray Gilmartin, and Charles Pollard.

5. Communication

Joshua (with his horn as well as his words), Ezra, and Luke were great communicators. In the world of business, there are Andy Grove, Sam Walton, and Mary Kay Ash.

6. Performance Management

Noah, Solomon, and Jeremiah were masters of encouragement and discipline. Lou Gerstner, Gordon Bethune, and Jack Stack are among the business leaders known for being firm but fair.

7. Team Development

Biblical leaders didn't use the term ""team,"" but Nehemiah was one of many who understood the power of working in groups. Modern exemplars include Hal Rosenbluth, Michael Eisner, and Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson.

8. Courage

Perhaps the most striking characteristic of Biblical leaders, with Daniel and Nathan two of many who overcame fear to embrace risk for a greater good. Among leaders of our time are Rudolph Giuliani, Steve Case, and Peter Braebeck.

9. Justice and Fairness

James and Joseph were great believers in giving others their ""fair share."" In the business context, leaders like Walter Haas, Jr., Max de Pree, and Henry Schacht have exhibited this characteristic.

10. Leadership Development

The greatest leaders--Jesus and Moses in Biblical times, Jack Welch and Roger Enrico in modern times--ensured that their ""organizations"" would thrive long after them by their commitment to developing leaders who would renew and carry on their mission."

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