Selling Above and Below the Line

Convince the C-Suite. Win Over Management. Secure the Sale.

 Selling Above and Below the Line

Author: William "Skip" Miller
Pub Date: February 2015
Print Edition: $18.95
Print ISBN: 9780814434833
Page Count: 256
Format: Paper or Softback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814434840

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Table of Contents


Foreword ix

Author's Preface xiii

Acknowledgments xvii

1 You Are Selling More Than Just Features and Benefits 1

The Neuroscience of Selling: It's All About Us 2

The Deceptive Lure of Features and Benefits 3

Buyers Buy Outcomes 6

2 The Line That Splits the Two Parts of a Sale 11

Business Acumen: Knowing What Makes a Company Tick 12

Understand a Company's Network of Concerns 14

Target Two Outcomes for a Sales Process That Works 15

The Split: Selling Above and Below the Line 18

Uncover the Buyer's Multiple Personalities 20

Focus on Two Value Propositions 22

3 Selling Below the Line 23

The Rationale for Features and Benefits 24

Two Sales Processes, Two Results 28

WIIFM: The Five Ps 31

The BTL Buyer's Mantra: I Need It and I Like It 33

The Three Levels of a Purchase 34

Company Win and Personal Win 35

4 Know Your ATL Buyer 36

Change: We All Face It, and We All Fear It 37

The Fear Factor 39

Promote the Positive Motivators 41

Time Zones: Great Salespeople Are Time-Travelers 44

5 Understanding ATL Energy 49

Capturing the Energy of a Sale 49

Harness the Energy in ATL Events 54

Other ATL Oddities 58

Change Is King 60

6 Controlling the Inbound Sale 61

Inbound Qualifying Made Easy 62

Lead Scoring 62

Find the Need with the Three Levels of Why 63

Qualify and Disqualify 67

Getting Control, Starting with the Welcome 68

7 Controlling the Outbound Sale 73

Make Outbound Qualifying Work for You 73

Your Homework 75

Getting Past the Screen 77

Get to the Point--The One That's All About Them 78

The Prospect's Homework 79

Gives/Gets 80

8 Stage 1: Being ProActive 82

Prospecting to the ATL Level: Strategy and Tactics 82

Mastering the Art of the Short Email 85

How to Leave a Phone Message 89

Trumpeting 93

9 Basics Never Go Out of Style 95

Start the ATL Phone Call with a 30-Second Speech 95

The Art of Asking Questions 100

Paraphrasing and Summarizing Skills 104

Time-Traveling 105

Next Step 106

10 Sharpen Your Executive Business Acumen 108

Top Down and Bottom Up 108

Think Across the Entire Organization 111

ATL and BTL Solution Boxes 114

Talking About Trains 115

Become the Champion of Solution Box B 117

I-Date for Box B 118

11 Stage 2: Don't Forget The Split 120

It's Not a Race 123

The Quantified Problem 124

The Quantified Cause 129

The Quantified Solution 130

Printer Story: The Value of the Three Qs 130

12 Discussions with an ATL Executive 136

The ValueStar: Learning ATL Vocabulary 136

ROI: Selling Money 137

Making the Most of Time 140

Risk: The Million-Dollar Question 142

Leverage: Building Value Across Trains 146

Brand/Image: The Emotional Value 148

13 Creating and Controlling ATL Energy 150

The Golden Rule 152

The Salesperson's Energy 152

14 The "How" of Controlling the ATL Sale 161

ATL Energy: Finding Additional Trains 161

BTL Energy 170

15 Stage 3: Value vs. Value 175

Two Value Conditions 176

A Day in the Life 180

BTL and ATL "I Get It" to "I Get It" 183

Validation vs. Education 184

16 Balancing Between the Lines to Accelerate the Deal 188

Energy Sources 188

Moving the Chains ATL 191

Learn to Quantify Energy 192

Getting to Quantification with Impact Analysis 195

Solution Boxes and I-Dates 198

17 Stages 4 and 5: Getting a Decision 200

The Goal Is a Decision 200

The Power of Options 204

Getting a Decision--Now 205

18 How to Implement ATL/BTL Selling in Your Current Process 210

Map Your Stages 210

Visual Collaboration with the Customer 212

Next-Step Selling 214

19 Overall Strategizing for an Above the Line Sale 220

Managing Risk by Relying on Numbers 221

Know Your Options 223

Wine Ages Well. Problems Don't 226

Look at All the Options 226

Final Thoughts 227

Index 229

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