Cultivate the Enduring Customer Loyalty That Keeps Your Business Thriving


Author: Noah Fleming
Pub Date: January 2015
Print Edition: $26.00
Print ISBN: 9780814434437
Page Count: 288
Format: Hardback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814434444

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Table of Contents


Foreword by Alan Weiss xi

Acknowledgments xiii

Introduction: Seeing the Forest for the Trees 1

Why I Wrote This Book 3

Who This Book Is For 5

Why You Should Read This Book 6


Establishing Roots

1 Debunking the Myth: New Customers Will Not Save Your

Business 11

The Allure of New Business Can Be Fatal 12

We're All Addicted to Sex--and What That Means for

Your Business 14

The Latest Boardroom Buzzword: Customer-Centricity 17

The True Value of a Customer 19

Introducing the Evergreen Marketing Equilibrium 24

2 Surveying the Landscape: The Essential Components

of an Evergreen Organization 29

Introducing the Three Cs 31

Orchestrating the Three Cs, So They Play in Harmony 36

3 Examining the Principle of Character: The Botany of Your

Company 41

The Power of Telling a Good Story 42

Building the Character of Your Organization 44

Distinguishing Between Character and Caricature 47

Articulating the "Real You" 49

Creating Your Corporate Character 52

4 Examining the Principle of Community: Creating a Forest

from a Single Seed 61

Why Should You Build a Community? 62

The Difference Between a Tribe and a Community 64

The CrossFit Community 68

Building Your Customer Community 72

5 Examining the Principle of Content: The Beauty of Having

a Multitude of Branches 79

What, Exactly, Is "Content"? 80

Why Is Content So Important? 82

Evaluating the New Customer Experience 85

Knowing What Business You're In 88

Keeping Focused on Why You Do What You Do 89

Knowing When More Content Is Better--and When It's Not 90

The Evergreen Diagnostic 96

Going Beyond "the Transaction" 99


Fostering Growth

6 Becoming Intimately Familiar with Your Customers:

Getting Your Hands in the Soil 105

Why Customer Lifetime Value Is Broken--and How to Fix It 107

Creating Your Ideal Customer Archetypes 111

Communicating with Your Archetypes 118

Capitalizing on the Natural Synergy of Thoughtful Marketing 124

7 Getting Loyalty Programs Right: Building a Tree House

and Letting Your Customers Climb to Reach It 127

Where Loyalty Lost Its Way 129

Developing (or Refining) Your Loyalty Program 135

Designing Your Customer Loyalty Action Plan 144

8 Articulating a New Approach to Customer Service:

Tending to Your Garden (and Pulling Those Weeds!) 155

Giving Yourself Permission to Fire Bad Customers 157

Determining Which Customers You Should

(and Shouldn't) Fire 159

A Commonsense Approach to Customer Service 164

Scrutinizing Your Company's Weak Spots 172

Why Authenticity Is Important 176

9 Gathering Customer Intelligence: Examining the Botany

of Individual Leaves 181

Recognizing When Customers Leave Money on the Table 182

Choosing Your Data Collection Tools 184

Getting Your Customers' Information 187

Tracking (and Changing) Your Customers' Behavior 192

10 Bringing Back Lost Customers: Bringing Wilted Leaves

Back to Life 203

Identifying When the Customer Relationship Is Over 205

Figuring Out Why Customers Leave in the First Place 208

Solving Your Customer Attrition Problems 212

Establishing Constant Contact 215

Building Effective Attrition Alarm Systems 217

Implementing Your Reactivation System 220

Managing Your Expectations About Reactivation 225

11 Bringing In New Customers: Creating Optimal Growing

Conditions 227

Managing the Expectations Gap 229

Creating Customer Loyalty with the First Transaction 231

Onboarding New Customers 234

Communicating with the Customer After the Honeymoon

Is Over 238

Preparing for a (Hopefully Insanely) Successful Promotion 243

Afterword: The End Is the Beginning 249

Notes 255

Index 261

About the Author 271

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