Think Agile

How Smart Entrepreneurs Adapt in Order to Succeed

 Think Agile

Author: Taffy Williams
Pub Date: November 2014
Print Edition: $23.00
Print ISBN: 9780814434307
Page Count: 224
Format: Hardback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814434314

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Table of Contents


Acknowledgments xiii

Introduction 1



Chapter 1: Agility in Turbulent Times 13

Nothing Stays the Same for Long 15

Surprises and Complexity 19

The More Things Change, the More Entrepreneurs Thrive 23

Ignore the Past at Your Peril 25

Putting Concepts into Action 28

Chapter 2: Reaping the Benefits of Agility 32

Pivoting to Make Effective and Efficient Decisions 33

Cultivating a Flexible Mindset to Overcome Indecision 36

Opening Up a Universe of Possibilities 37

Rebounding from Mistakes and Failures 40

Adapting to Changing Times 42

Considering Diverse Approaches to Funding 45

Increasing Speed of Action through Agility 48

Putting Concepts into Action 50

Chapter 3: Assessing Your Agility 54

Unconscious Reliance on the Tried and True 55

Assessing Your Fear of Failure 57

Developing an Awareness of Rigid and Agile Tendencies 60

Putting Concepts into Action 67



Chapter 4: Planning for the Unexpected,

Preparing for the Unpredictable 73

Allowing for Flexibility and Vision in Your Business Plan 74

How Good Outcomes Can Result When Plans Are Flexible 77

Thinking Ahead with a Plan B . . . and C and D 78

Preparing for the Unpredictable 81

Putting Concepts into Action 89

Chapter 5: Exercising Funding and

Financial Options 90

Becoming Aware of Funding Options 91

Fighting Financial Biases and Reassessing Prior Funding Methods 97

Managing the Dilution-Valuation Paradox 100

Stretching Your Cash Reserves 103

Planning an Exit Strategy 105

Putting Concepts into Action 109

Chapter 6: Working with Various Deadlines

and Milestones 112

Identifying Deadlines Entrepreneurs Face, and Determining

Their Feasibility 113

Learning to Work with Various Deadline Mentalities 116

Avoiding Date Inflation 118

Negotiating Imposed Deadlines 119

Keeping Your Ego in Check 122

Putting Concepts into Action 125

Chapter 7: Repurposing Products, Services,

and People 127

Introducing Three Categories of What May Be Repurposed,

Plus One 128

Paying Attention to Unexpected Possibilities 134

Using Change as a Catalyst for Repurposing 137

The Three Rs of Repurposing: Repositioning, Redirecting,

and Rejuvenating 139

Licensing Tactics 141

Putting Concepts into Action 143

Chapter 8: Overcoming Entrepreneurial

Inflexibility 146

Conquering Factors That Can Lead to Inflexibility 147

Vanquishing a Disheartening Business Failure 148

Getting Beyond the “Foolproof Formula” 150

Surmounting Complacency After Sustained Success 151

Surviving Personal Financial Problems 153

Shaking Competitive Lethargy 156

Defeating Crippling Indecisiveness 157

Refusing to Get Stuck in the Past 160

Putting Concepts into Action 161


Chapter 9: Learning How to Lead and Manage

with an Open Mind 167

Practicing Managerial Creativity 168

Knowing What You Don’t Know and What You Do Know 171

Best Practices of Agile Leaders 174

Developing a Team Mentality 178

Deciding When It’s Time for Leadership Change 180

Putting Concepts into Action 183

Chapter 10: Stretching Toward the Future 186

Tracking Four Key Trends 187

Adapting to Mind-Boggling Innovations 190

Moving from Rugged Individualism to Collaborative Mindset 194

Becoming an Information Magnet 197

Putting Concepts into Action 201

Index 205

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