The Successful Virtual Classroom

How to Design and Facilitate Interactive and Engaging Live Online Learning

The Successful Virtual Classroom

Author: Darlene Christopher
Pub Date: October 2014
Print Edition: $39.95
Print ISBN: 9780814434284
Page Count: 224
Format: Paper or Softback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814434291

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Table of Contents


Foreword: Unlocking the Mysteries of Flawless Virtual Training

by Karen Hyder vii

Preface: What Is Virtual Classroom Training? ix


1 Introduction 3

An Endorsement of Virtual Learning 4

How Virtual Training Compares to Other Types of Training 4

When to Use Virtual Classroom Training 7

Benefits of Virtual Classroom Training 9

The PREP Model 12

Key Terms 13

Case Studies 14

References 18

2 Key Features of a Virtual Classroom 19

Eight Common Features 19

Facilitator and Participant Use of Key Virtual Classroom Features 31

Sample Interactions with Virtual Classroom Features 32

Other Features 34

Conclusion 35

References 35

3 Getting Started 36

Step 1: Participate in Tutorials and Gather Information 37

Step 2: Get Hands-On Experience 37

Step 3: Experience the Virtual Classroom as a Participant 39

Step 4: Hold a Low-Stakes Virtual Classroom Session 43

Not New, Just Using a New Virtual Classroom Tool 44

Conclusion 44

Continuous Learning 46

References 46


4 The Virtual Classroom Team and the Members’ Roles 49

Composition of Virtual Classroom Teams 49

Common Key Roles 52

Location of Facilitation Team 60

Location of Learners 60

A Team of One 61

Conclusion 62

Continuous Learning 62

References 62

5 Developing Virtual Classroom Training 63

Analysis 63

Design 65

Developing Materials 73

Learning and Personality Styles 90

Gamification in the Virtual Classroom 92

Use Cases 93

Continuous Learning 99

References 99

6 Facilitation Techniques 101

The Secret to Sustained Engagement 102

Working Effectively with a Producer 104

Focus on Your Voice and Pace 104

Make Up for the Absence of Body Language 107

Scan the Entire Screen 110

How to Facilitate Like a Pro Using Virtual Classroom Features 110

Record Yourself and Improve 122

Conclusion 123

Continuous Learning 123

References 124

7 Putting It All Together with the PREP Model 125

The PREP Model 125

Continuous Learning 145


8 Working with Global Participants 149

Consider the Needs of Global Participants 150

Collect Audience Information 151

Skills of the Global Virtual Facilitator 156

Adjusting Content and Exercises 159

Adjusting the Use of Virtual Classroom Features for

Global Participants 162

Rehearsing 164

Conclusion 165

Continuous Learning 166

References 166

9 Ideas for Icebreakers and Exercises 168

Icebreakers 169

Exercises 176

Other Simple Ways to Add Interactivity 186

Continuous Learning 187

10 Additional Uses for the Virtual Classroom 188

Using the Virtual Classroom for Knowledge Sharing 189

Using the Virtual Classroom to Support a Community of Practice 191

Understand the Challenges Presented by the Use of

Mobile Technology 192

Continuous Learning 195


A Glossary of Virtual Classroom Terms 197

B Virtual Classroom Vendors 199

C Feature List to Consider When Selecting a Virtual Classroom Tool 201

D Virtual Classroom Resources 205

E Example of Course Conversion 209

F Webcam Tips 211

G Rehearsal Feedback Form 213

H PREP Model Checklist 216

Index 219

About the Author 226

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