Persuasion Equation

The Subtle Science of Getting Your Way

 Persuasion Equation

Author: Mark Rodgers
Pub Date: May 2015
Print Edition: $17.95
Print ISBN: 9780814434178
Page Count: 240
Format: Paper or Softback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814434185

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"If you were being banished to a desert island and could take only one

record with you, what album would you take?"

I've always been fascinated by this question, for two reasons. First,

what legal system is handing down island banishments, and how do I

get convicted? Second, they still have record players?!

Oddly enough, that's the question that sparked my idea for this

book. After pondering that dilemma, I asked myself, "If someone were

to have room on their bookshelf (or space on their Kindle) for just one

business book on persuasion, what book would it be?"

I've spent almost three decades helping people hear yes more often,

and I've finally decided to put in one place everything you need to go

from zero to persuasion hero. This book will not sway opinions about

global warming, bring peace to the Middle East, or abolish man's inhumanity

to man. But it will help you.

The world of big business abounds with major persuasion plays.

Time Warner Cable wants you to switch from DirecTV. Dunkin'

Donuts wants you to abandon Starbucks. But you want your coworkers

to get on board with your idea, and that's our focus here. (One of the

most frequent questions I'm asked: "Will this stuff work on my kids?"

It sure will! But use it at the office first, so you can afford college.)


The ideas presented here will enable you to get that plum assignment,

receive the green light on that project, and vie successfully for your

dream job. Along the way, this book will help you solve professional

challenges such as:

1. Who do you want to persuade to do what?

2. Are your persuasion objectives ethical?

3. How should you approach your target?

4. When should you make your persuasive move?

5. How do you know if you can trust someone?

6. How can you win someone's trust?

7. How can you make your arguments more compelling?

8. What specifically should you say?

9. How can you recover from a setback?

10. How can you best leverage success?

11. How do you create perpetual yes?

If the science of persuasion were paint by numbers, everyone would

be Picasso. It isn't, and they aren't. That's why this book is your competitive

advantage. What follows on the pages to come are tools to help

you master the art of persuasion.


In Chapter 1, "Persuasion Fundamentals," you'll discover the Persuasion

Paradox, and learn if you truly are "made to persuade." You'll develop

a specific persuasion priority and set your sights on dramatic

career improvement. I'll also reveal the ultimate persuasion principle.

In Chapter 2, "Decision Making," I'll introduce you to the world of

heuristics and cognitive biases, showing you how people's brains are wired

and how you can use that information to ethically pursue yes. Next, in

Chapter 3, "Targets, Technology, and Tactics," I'll uncover the persuasion

keys to working with different personality types, gender gaps, and generational

differences. I'll also address the changing nature of computer-

mediated communication and include a discussion about how you can

identify the fine line between ethical persuasion and manipulation.

Chapters 4 through 7 include what I call the "Persuasion Equation."

This is the combination of factors will add up to your success:

(A Great Business Case  Your Outstanding Credibility 

Compelling Language)  Intelligent Process  Yes Success

In these chapters, I'll teach you how to run the numbers by calculating

your Return on Investment (even if you're terrified of a calculator),

as well as show you how to leverage emotion and measure the

unmeasurable. I'll help you build your credibility, explain how to win

it back when you lose it, and divulge the power of language and the language

of power. You'll learn to weave a tale, tickle a funny bone, and

do it all in a way that creates your personal inimitable marketplace superiority.

You'll unwrap a powerful persuasion process that, like following

stepping-stones across a stream, will easily lead you to yes.

(Learning persuasion skills is so essential to business success that

I've created a special section on the Persuasion Equation website,, that will take you beyond the information

in this book.)

Once you've conquered the world of one-on-one persuasion, Chapter

8, "Persuasion 360," will show you how to generate group buy-in

and navigate the contentious challenges of organizational politics with

a terrific tool called "Political Territory Mapping." In Chapter 9, "Persuasion

911," I'll introduce you to "assent turbulence" and describe

emergency actions you can take to pilot your way to a safe landing. In

Chapter 10, "Yes Success," I'll show you how to respond in that thrilling

moment of yes, as well as explain why most people respond to yes incorrectly.

You'll also learn how to leverage testimonials and referrals,

while creating personal evangelists to help you achieve perpetual yes.

In Chapter 11, "Your Persuasion Action Plan," I'll introduce a stepby-

step plan to help you realize a 10,000-to-1 return on your investment

in this book. (Yes, it's exciting stuff--and I guarantee results if you

apply the ideas. If you don't, all bets are off.) In the final chapter, "The

Psychology of Self-Persuasion," I'll help you build weapons-grade selfesteem,

self-efficacy, and self-confidence, leading to an ever-expanding

universe of yes. I call it "Mark's Psychological Big Bang," because the

first person who needs to say yes is . . . you.


Persuasion is not magic. It doesn't cure every ill or solve every problem.

People constantly say to me, "Well, you're an expert on persuasion, so

just persuade them." Unfortunately, it's rarely that simple.

If you practice the ideas in this book, you will hear yes more often.

But persuasion won't work every time. If an opposing economic argument

is too overpowering, few things will alter that course. However,

if you're close in terms of economic benefit to both parties, the approaches

in this book can tip the scales in your favor. In a world where

cash is king, persuasion is your ace.


When people ask me what album I would take if banished to a desert

island, my response comes easily: I would choose the self-titled second

album from The Band--a masterpiece from a musical group that used

the definite article because its members knew they were the definite


So is this book. If you have space on your shelf for only a single

book about persuasion, let this be the one.

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