Customer Experience 3.0

High-Profit Strategies in the Age of Techno Service

 Customer Experience 3.0

Author: John A. Goodman
Pub Date: August 2014
Print Edition: $24.95
Print ISBN: 9780814433881
Page Count: 256
Format: Hardback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814433898

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Table of Contents


Foreword ix

by Richard DuFresne, National Manager Customer Care, Toyota

Introduction: Why Customer Experience 3.0? 1

Section One: The Customer and the Implications of Customer

Experience 3

Section Two: Designing the End-to-End Customer Experience 3

Section Three: Key Issues of Implementation 5


The Customer and the Implications of Customer Experience

1 Why Good Service Might Not Result in a Great Experience 11

Understanding Customer Expectations 12

No Unpleasant Surprises 13

Identifying Sources of Customer Dissatisfaction and Uncertainty 17

No News is Not Necessarily Good News 21

Why Your Current CE Leaves Huge Amounts of Money on the Table 23

Leveraging Technology for a Great Customer Experience 26

Eliminating Unpleasant Surprises 28

Getting Started: Questions to Ask Yourself About Moving Your

Company Out of Complacency 30

Key Takeaways 31

2 More than People: Customer Experience = People +

Process + Technology 33

Delivering a Great Customer Experience: A Four-Part Framework 34

Applying Technology During Each Phase of the CE Framework 46

Metrics to Measure and Manage Customer Experience

Effectiveness 48

Getting Started: Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Existing CE 49

Key Takeaways 49

3 Jump-Starting Action by Quantifying the Revenue

Cost of Inaction 51

Why Executives Believe a Great CE Is More Costly Than a Good CE 53

Measuring the Revenue Impact of a Great CE 55

Calculating the Top-Line Payoff of an Improved CE 57

Quantifying the Savings of a Great CE 72

Convincing the CFO 76

Picking Your Battles 78

Getting Started: Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Business

Case for CE 79

Key Takeaways 80


Designing the End-to-End Customer Experience

4 Do It Right The First Time (DIRFT) 83

DIRFT: The Essential Steps 85

Building a Flexible, Customer-Focused Culture That Delivers DIRFT 96

DIRFT with Flexibility 100

Establishing the Right Metrics for DIRFT 103

Getting Started: Questions to Ask Yourself About Your DIRFT

Processes 105

Key Takeaways 106

5 Every Door Open: Assuring Multichannel Access 107

Encouraging Valuable Contacts 108

Factors That Drive Contact Workload 113

Planning Customer Access—More Complicated Than It Seems 118

Metrics to Manage Accessibility 127

Getting Started: Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Accessibility 128

Key Takeaways 129

6 Always Satisfy Customers, and Sometimes Dazzle Them 130

Five Objectives for Your Company’s Service System 131

Six Functions to Consistently Achieve All Five Objectives 134

Applying Technology to Create High-Tech High Touch 140

Metrics to Manage Service 147

Getting Started: Questions to Ask Yourself About Your

Service Process 149

Key Takeaways 150

7 Listening Passionately to Your Customers’ Unified Voice 151

VOC Objectives 152

Key Building Blocks of an Effective VOC Process 154

Sources of VOC Data—Not Necessarily from the Customer 161

Building VOC: Avoiding Four Common Implementation Challenges 169

Practical Tips for Enhancing the Impact of the VOC Process 174

Getting Started: Questions to Ask Yourself About Your VOC Process 175

Key Takeaways 175


Key Issues of Implementation

8 Taming Technology 179

Aligning Technology with the Ideal CE 180

Smoothing the Impact of Technological Evolution 184

Benefits, Pitfalls, and Best Practices of Available Technologies 187

Metrics For Managing the CE Aspects of Technology 200

Getting Started: Questions to Ask Yourself About How You Use

Technology 202

Key Takeaways 202

9 Building a Culture of Empowerment and Connection 204

Establishing an Environment That Fosters Empowerment and

Connection 205

Planning for Emotional Connection 210

Emotional Connection in a Techno World 213

The Role of Executives and Supervisors 214

Metrics for Measuring and Managing Empowerment and

Connection 218

Getting Started: Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Culture

of Empowerment 220

Key Takeaways 220

10 Leading the Charge to the Next Level 222

Understanding the Role of CE Leader 223

Two CE Roles Fraught with Danger 226

Lessons from the Journey 226

Preparing for the Inevitable Financial and Organizational Upheavals 232

Getting Started: Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Role as a

CE Leader 235

Key Takeaways 236

Index 237

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