Data Crush

How the Information Tidal Wave is Driving New Business Opportunities

 Data Crush

Author: Christopher Surdak
Pub Date: February 2014
Your Price: $27.95
ISBN: 9780814433744
Page Count: 288
Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9780814433751

Review Quotes

"...a very helpful and inspiring book, filled with original ideas for creating products and services which benefit from Big Data." -- Leading Business Books

“…offers a wide range of best practices to maximize the value of data as a business-driving asset.” --CIO Insight

"Obviously, no brief commentary such as mine can do full justice to the abundance of information, insights, and counsel that Surdak provides in this book…” --Blogging on Business

“Either crush, or be crushed…Data Crush provides a roadmap for keeping your business on the right side of the tidal wave of data.” --Data Rules and E-Discovery Law

"It's Not the Size of the Data provides a wealth of information about managing and leveraging data....Essential and a must-read." --One Cause at a Time

"Surdak delivers the goods in Data Crush...walks the reader through the process of understanding where all this data is coming from…” --Michael Piscatello blog

" creation and collection reign supreme, and successful organization will manage this tidal wave of information or perish...Read this book to think of all the possibilities." --Online Searcher

" informative guide to the information-technology ecosystem and where it is heading. It’s optimal reading for business professionals in any industry." --The Futurist

"…stands out in the business-reader market place by clearly explaining what started and continues today’s almost unimaginable surge of data…” --Joyce Lain Kennedy, Tribune Content Agency

"For readers looking for answers to questions such as ‘What's driving big data?’ and ‘How will big data affect my business’? Data Crush puts this knowledge in easy reach." --T+D

"Engaging as well as informative and useful, Data Crush provides an expert compass for navigating a world awash in data and a life jacket for cruising through the adventure." --Inside BIGDATA

"Data Crush gives you the lowdown on what data abundance means for businesses." --Infoversant

"You need to start now to understand the trends of the information tidal wave that is building up in front of us. Use the steps outlined here to stay ahead.” -- Martin Zwilling, Huffington Post

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