True Greatness

Mastering the Inner Game of Business Success

 True Greatness

Authors: Kevin Elko, Bill Beausay
Pub Date: June 2009
Print Edition: $16.95
Print ISBN: 9780814433386
Page Count: 240
Format: Paper or Softback

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With Wall Street in shambles and the market geniuses toppled from their thrones and scorned for exceptional greed, one thing is certain: There’s got to be a better way to measure success. Perhaps not surprising, it is beyond the relentless pursuit of money and possessions that lie the keys to a more meaningful and satisfying life. But how do we get there?

True Greatness helps you make the seismic mental shifts that unlock a hidden store of inner resources that everyone has within them—such as passion, kindness, and selflessness: qualities that spiritual leaders and philosophers have long known are essential for a happy, successful life. When you develop these qualities in yourself more fully and bring them to the workplace, you vastly improve your performance, your sense of self-worth, and the well-being of everyone around you. And it’s that, more than the drumbeat for more sales, more wins, more cutthroat competitive tactics, that propels us into the realm of true greatness.

Packed with both contemporary and historical examples from diverse fields—sports, business, religion, innovation, and more—this unique book brings to light a simple yet life-altering five-step plan for awakening and strengthening your inner greatness. You’ll learn how to:

• Discover and tap into your true passions to reveal where you should be focusing your energy.

• Point yourself and others toward a growth-oriented process, rather than merely praising for outcomes.

• Stay in the selfless zone, where focus, intentionality, and alignment emerge—and negatives such as fear, anger, jealousy, and backbiting are quickly resolved.

• Inspire others by generating inspiration in yourself and transmitting it as energy all around you.

Countless business books have told you how to manage your employees, improve your product, and hone your skills—how to focus on outcomes. But True Greatness does something else altogether. It shows you how you can consciously change yourself, and just watch the outward manifestations flow from the inner readjustment of your values and priorities. Reach for the higher plateau of true greatness, and live a life filled with passion, joy, purpose, and peace.

Kevin Elko is a human performance consultant who is widely known for his work with successful sports teams, such as the Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Pittsburgh Steelers, as well as with Fortune 1000 companies, including Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch. He lives in Presto, Pennsylvania. Bill Beausay is a successful author and trainer. He lives in Houston.

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