True Alignment

Linking Company Culture with Customer Needs for Extraordinary Results

 True Alignment

Author: Edgar Papke
Pub Date: December 2013
Print Edition: $29.95
Print ISBN: 9780814433362
Page Count: 240
Format: Hardback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814433379

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Chances are you’re all too familiar with the consequences of misalignment in your organization: Inefficiency. Dysfunctional conflict. Disengagement. A lack of focus on your business’s key goals, resulting in poor performance and fuzzy accountability. Without a shared and consistent approach to serving your customers, you run the risk of hurting your brand’s reputation, and losing the trust and loyalty of those you intend to serve.

In short, if everyone in your company isn’t working together toward the same outcome, you’re not only failing as a leader . . . your company is most likely in grave danger.

Presenting a comprehensive lens through which to view the patterns of behavior by which your company culture can be intentionally led, True Alignment reveals a systematic blueprint for aligning internal behavior: how the people inside your organization engage with each other—to external behavior: how they engage your customers. Step by step, this book shows you how to:

• Develop a clearly articulated and understood vision of what your organization wants to accomplish so that your people know what the desired outcomes are.

• Enable your employees to innovate and continuously create and deliver products or services that reflect and align with your customers’ expectations.

• Encourage emotional engagement by ensuring that your people know why what they’re doing matters and the benefit it brings; that they believe in what is being created and care deeply about it; and have a shared sense of purpose and feel responsible for their contribution to making it happen.

• Ensure that your people are aligned on how to work together to achieve results, with clear steps and procedures in place enabling them to act in alignment with the values and beliefs of your organization culture.

The ultimate mark you make as a leader is in how truly aligned your company is. When you leverage alignment across your team and organization, you create an environment in which your people communicate at broader and deeper levels; increase the opportunity for the exchange of ideas; and take critical thinking and problem solving to higher levels, all resulting in increased innovation, creativity, and better performance. Filled with practical guidance, this is an essential resource for revitalizing your entire organization.

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