Soldier of Finance

Take Charge of Your Money and Invest in Your Future

 Soldier of Finance

Author: Jeff Rose
Pub Date: September 2013
Print Edition: $16.00
Print ISBN: 9780814433287
Page Count: 224
Format: Paper or Softback

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Review Quotes

"...a disciplined, no-nonsense, no excuses approach to personal finance..." --Get Rich Slowly

" of the best new personal finance books I have read in quite some time. I found Jeff’s story to be unique and identifiable.”--A Young Pro

“…helped me see the normal, every-day personal finance topics that I obsess about all the time in a new light…strongly recommend that you buy Soldier of Finance." --20s Finances

“... provides a solid foundation of personal finance basics…particularly good in explaining how to establish and keep good credit…and the best ways to eliminate debt.” --New York Times

“…best part of the book are the personal anecdotes – mostly from Rose, who talks not just about his experience in the military, but also about his own financial mistakes and successes.” --Quizzle

"...survival guide for facing down financial challenges and building prosperity." --Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities

"Certified financial planner Jeff Rose's 14 modules give service members a no-nonsense approach to overcome financial obstacles and build lasting wealth.” --Military Officer

"Even if you’re not a soldier, I recommend reading his book, as he does a great job of explaining financial concepts and strategies.” --Financially Wise Women

“…takes PF newbies through basic training, to the financial trenches and out the other side to order and prosperity” --Surviving and Thriving

“Where this book shines is taking all the things you learn as a soldier and translating those skills…into the financial world.” --Life Lessons of a Military Wife

" an easy-to-understand 14-week 'boot camp' to help you overcome your fear, break bad habits and get on the right track." --Life Happens

"Soldier of Finance is one of my favorite books of 2013." --Gerri Detweiler, host Credit Radio

“…tired of making excuses about why you can’t pay off your debt? Then look no further!... Soldier of Finance is perfect for you.” --Double Saving Divas

"…no-nonsense approach to overcoming financial obstacles."

"It isn’t just for those who have served in the military, it is for anyone who has made bad money decisions in their past." --Money Plan SOS

"If you're dealing with any debt or feeling discouraged about your own retirement planning…get your hands on the book." --The Military Guide

"Rose is sure to keep you intrigued as he shares his personal money stories and the stories of people he has counseled." --Black Enterprise

"Any young person looking to get their financial lives in order could benefit from reading and taking action based on this book." --Family Money Values

"I place this financial book among one of the best, especially for those looking for actionable ways to take charge of their finances." --Planting Money Seeds

“He shares his background and personal anecdotes to distill difficult financial topics into a language every one of us can understand.” --The Military Wallet

“Great book full of resources for anyone wanting to take control of their finances and future." --World Traveling Military Family

"...wealth of knowledge from both the military and his financial planning practice and breaks it all down in his new book for everyone to enjoy." --Money Qanda

"... [Rose] has a superior knowledge of personal finance and who can talk about money to people like they are actually people." --Dinks Finance

"Jeff gives personal finance an interesting spin stemming very deeply from his own experiences inside and outside of the military.” --Consumerism Commentary

"...a reference book that families could put on their bookshelves and reread on a regular basis to give their finances a checkup." --Enemy of Debt

"...a no-nonsense, military-style training manual to overcoming financial obstacles and building lasting wealth." --Well Kept Wallet

"It will transform you, turning you into a powerful financial warrior trained to face down challenges and systematically build long-term prosperity." --New Equipment Digest

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