A World Gone Social

How Companies Must Adapt to Survive

A World Gone Social

Authors: Ted Coine, Mark Babbitt
Pub Date: September 2014
Print Edition: $24.95
Print ISBN: 9780814433263
Page Count: 256
Format: Hardback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814433270

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How Companies Must Adapt to Survive

“The Social Age is a revolution, one that affects all parts of our business model...There is no one better suited to address this topic than Ted Coiné and Mark Babbitt. Their relentless focus to drive a better way to do business is undeniable, and admirable.” --Peter Aceto, CEO, ING Direct, from Foreword to A World Gone Social

Ted Coiné and Mark Babbitt

They’ve set up the Facebook fan page and fired up the Twitter feed. They’re recruiting on LinkedIn. And they’re regularly reading relevant blog posts, if not blogging. Overwhelmingly, today’s business leaders are on board with having a social media presence. Yet, while busily dabbling away, many deem social media as nothing more than the latest high-tech fad. Sadly, most overlook social media’s unavoidable impact as the catalyst for the imminent death of Industrial Age best practices.

Welcome to the Social Age.

In A WORLD GONE SOCIAL: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive (AMACOM 2014) authors Ted Coiné and Mark Babbitt celebrate the dawn of an exciting new business era: the Social Age. As successful social media entrepreneurs, the authors draw on their own experiences, as well as the triumphs and missteps of other early adopters. Yet, their book goes far beyond the specifics of social media platforms, strategies, and tactics. Opening minds to a whole new reality about how companies innovate, collaborate, hire and develop team members, serve customers, and stay profitable, they urge every business leader to open his or her mind to social as monumental change agent—and seize on the opportunities it offers for business to become more human.

Packed with compelling stories of companies that are doing social right, as well as crucial lessons from some that are not, A WORLD GONE SOCIAL offers a guided tour across this sweeping, challenging, and still largely uncharted landscape. In four major sections and fifteen chapters, the authors cover mind-expanding, business-transforming territory, including:

• How social media has drastically shifted the balance of power from message-controlling corporations to customers—and what happens when those customers wield their Social clout to praise outstanding service or to bash acts of corporate carelessness, or senselessness.

• How social media has radically transformed the employer-employee relationship, and how the surge in social recruiting is making both the search for the right job and the right job candidate more efficient, while making employers more transparent and accountable.

• Why genuine engagement—with employees, customers, partners, and all stakeholders—is fast becoming a basic business requirement, and how it increasingly takes an online community of brand advocates and champions to keep a business successful.

• Why the ability to think small and act nimble is the new competitive advantage (whatever a company’s current actual size), and how the future of productivity is “nano” corps: fluid, self-forming groups that move from one organization to another.

• Why bosses and managers are fast becoming obsolete (yes, flat is the new black), and how to leverage the social power of OPEN, where Ordinary People routinely intersect to form Extraordinary Networks.

• How to navigate the “Social Circle of Life”—the ongoing flow of five linked forces: social media, mobile technology, cloud computing, big data, and analytics—to measure and maximize social media’s ROI, and what it takes to become a real—and still so rare Coine and Babbitt refer to it as a “Blue Unicorn”)—social leader.

More than a social media how-to manual or mandate, A WORLD GONE SOCIAL is a call to social commitment and action. As Coiné and Babbitt impress on everyone with a stake in a stronger company and a better business world: “You are the future of Social.”

About the Authors

Ted Coiné is co-founder of Switch and Shift, a leadership community that believes organizations – in order to thrive in the Social Age – must build trust-based relationships, lead with purpose, and enable employees to do work that matters. A noted blogger and speaker, Ted was recently named a Forbes “Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer.” Ted lives with his wife and two daughters in Naples, Florida.

Mark Babbitt is CEO and Founder of YouTern, a social community for college students, recent graduates and young professionals that Mashable calls a "Top 5 Online Community for Starting Your Career." A prolific blogger and speaker, he is also President of Switch and Shift and a co-founder of ForwardHeroes.org. Mark is the father of five and a grandfather; he and his wife call Seattle home.

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