A World Gone Social

How Companies Must Adapt to Survive

A World Gone Social

Authors: Ted Coine, Mark Babbitt
Pub Date: September 2014
Print Edition: $24.95
Print ISBN: 9780814433263
Page Count: 256
Format: Hardback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814433270

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The business world has entered a new era—one in which social media has fundamentally changed the way companies innovate, market, scale, build teams, and serve customers. Welcome to the Social Age.


Your responsibility: While leaving Industrial Age “best practices” behind, you must guide your organization gracefully into this modern era. Your task will not be an easy one. Far too many companies are in denial or are doing social wrong; they wish to control messaging, broadcast rather than engage, and focus on short-term ROI rather than lasting impact. Will you be able to handle that kind of resistance? A World Gone Social explains how to understand and confidently work inside this new reality.


Offering a revealing look at the fundamental and powerful changes social collaboration has set in motion, the book lays out a new set of rules for today’s socially dominated landscape in which:


• Customers now have the power—just watch what happens as more begin to realize it!

• Employees and job seekers have a collective—and socially amplified—voice.

• Engagement—with partners, employees, and customers—is a core requirement.

• Command-and-control leadership, once the industry standard, is now a liability.

• Nimble is a competitive advantage; few large corporations are capable of the agility required.

• Brand ambassadors are won—and retained—through relationship and community building.

• Ethics are now more apparent—hiding in mahogany boardrooms is not an option.


Featuring compelling stories and concrete examples of real-world companies—some that demonstrate social done right, others highlighting costly mistakes—this book provides thorough insight into helping your business navigate the monumental shift in how connected consumers now think, buy, work, and live.


You’ll discover ways to hire and develop employees who understand the important role social plays in our new economy and enable a company culture focused on doing right by the communities you serve. You’ll gain valuable insight into how to communicate effectively with stakeholders and influencers while proudly demonstrating your organization’s character. And, when something does go wrong, you will learn how to calm the digital lynch mob by embracing accountability.


In today’s ultraconnected society, businesses that fail to recognize the monumental impact social media has on their customers, employees, and collaborative partners are destined to fail. This practical, eye-opening book provides the guidance you need to avoid that fate, and to lead your organization confidently into the Social Age.

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