Communications Skills for Project Managers

 Communications Skills for Project Managers

Author: G. Michael Campbell
Pub Date: May 2009
Print Edition: $18.95
Print ISBN: 9780814433065
Page Count: 288
Format: Paper or Softback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814410547

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Table of Contents


Acknowledgments ix

Introduction: Thinking About Your Project xi

Communications in a New Way

Why Isn’t Good Project Management Enough? xi

Why Are Project Communications So Important? xii

What Happens If You Ignore Project Communications? xiii

So What Will You Get from This Book? xiv

Business Project Management xv

Case Study xvii

The Payoff xix

1 Linking Projects and Strategy Through

Effective Communications 1

Projects to Change the Business 4

Start with the Expected Business Benefits 6

Conducting a Feasibility Study 7

Developing a Feasibility Study for Project Renewal 8

Clear Project Goals Make Sense to Everyone 9

The Primary Goals of Every Project 10

2 Preparing the Leadership 13

How Involved Should the Leadership Be? 13

Providing the Leadership with a Script 17

Developing a Working Committee and Working Groups 22

Communications and the Working Committee 25

Communications and a Working Group 26

3 Writing the Project Charter 31

Contract 33

Statement of the Business Problem 34

Goals and Objectives for a Successful Project 35

The Primary Goals of Project Renewal 35

Project Scope 36

Assumptions and Constraints 37

Risks and Benefits 38

Project Budget and Schedule 40

Tips for Writing the Charter 40

4 Establishing the Team and Communicating 45

with the Business

Communicating the Sale 46

Relationship with Each Other 48

Level of Knowledge of the Goals and Business Case 49

Credibility of the Project Team 50

Questions or Concerns 50

Information or Techniques to Gain Acceptance 50

Communications Within the Team 51

Managing the War Room 54

Listening Is Part of Communicating 55

5 Common Elements for All Communications 59

Step One: Analyze the Target 60

Step Two: Plan the Approach 64

Step Three: Deliver the Message 68

6 Writing the Case for Change 73

What Is the Secret to Writing a Case for Change? 74

Influences on Behavior 74

Communications Create Perception 76

Process for Building a Case for Change 78

The Results Can Be Dramatic 82

7 Analyzing Changes to Business Process 83

Communicating a Change 90

Building Changes into the Training Plan 91

Building a Leadership Plan 93

Developing Preliminary Performance Measures 94

8 Developing Support for the New Business

Processes 97

Addressing the Fairness Factor 97

When Leaders Backslide 98

When Other Key People Backslide 100

Urgency and Decisions 102

9 Developing an Operations Integration Plan 105

Case for Change 107

Understanding the Process Changes 108

Support Provided 109

Preparation for Project Deliverables 110

Understanding the Timetable 111

Napoleon’s Thirds 112

10 Developing the Communications for the Project 115

The Basics of Communications: It’s All About 115


What Does a Communication Plan Look Like? 117

Developing Effective Messages 125

11 Writing the Project Plan Memorandum 129

for the Executive Team

Review of the Common Elements for All 130


Writing the Project Plan Memorandum 133

12 Using Communications to Handle Risks 139

Managing Business Risks Through Communications 142

Managing Organizational Risks Through 145


Managing Risks Through Communications 146

13 Presenting to Stakeholders During Project 149


Decide Your Purpose 150

Analyze the Audience (Stakeholders) 152

Strategy 157

Build It in Three Parts 158

Practice 159

Questions 160

Visual Aids 161

14 Communicating About Problems 169

Effective Meetings 172

15 Communicating Scope Changes 177

Basic Assumptions 178

Requesting a Change 180

Communicating About a Change 182

Presenting the Options and Reaching a Decision 183

Communicating the Decision 185

16 Communicating with Operations 189

Good News—Bad News 190

Dangerous Assumptions 192

Build a Storyboard to Explain the Project 198

17 Preparing Operations to Accept the Deliverables 201

Providing the Training Operations Needs to Be Ready 202

Performance Evaluation and Project Deliverables 206

Readiness Assessment Checklist 210

18 Overcoming Resistance to Change 215

Reasons for Resistance 216

Types of Resistors 218

Overcoming Resistance 221

19 Handling Competition with Other Initiatives 225

Maintain Situational Awareness 226

Horizontal and Vertical Communications 227

Address Potential Conflicts Quickly 228

Project Renewal 229

20 Writing the Close-Out Report 235

Business Stakeholders 237

Project Stakeholders 240

Packaging the Report 242

21 Providing Feedback to Your Project Team 247

Quality of Work 249

Timeliness and Consistency in Meeting Deadlines 250

Creativity 251

Administrative Performance 252

Ability to Work as Part of a Team 252

Attitude 253

Communication Skills 253

Technical Ability 254

Cost Consciousness 254

Recommendations for Improvement 255

Developing a Matrix 256

Celebrate 257

22 Crossing the Finish Line 259

Communicate with the Business on the Value Created 259

Performance Measures in Operations 260

Communicate with All Team Personnel 262

The After-Implementation Review 263

In Conclusion 264

Index 265

About the Author 268

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