Delight Your Customers

7 Simple Ways to Raise Your Customer Service from Ordinary to Extraordinary

 Delight Your Customers

Author: Steve Curtin
Pub Date: June 2013
Print Edition: $17.95
Print ISBN: 9780814432808
Page Count: 208
Format: Paper or Softback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814432822

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Table of Contents


Introduction 3

Part One: Function Vs. Essence

Chapter 1—Three Truths of Exceptional Customer Service 9

Exceptional Customer Service Reflects the Essence of

Every Service Industry Employee’s Job Role 11

Exceptional Customer Service Is Always Voluntary 17

Exceptional Customer Service Typically Costs

No More to Deliver than Poor Customer Service 20

Getting from Ordinary to Extraordinary 24

Applying Three Truths of Exceptional Customer Service 26


Part Two: Seven Simple Ways To

Raise Customer Service

Chapter 2—Express Genuine Interest 29

How to Express Genuine Interest 32

Getting from Ordinary to Extraordinary 49

Applying Genuine Interest 52

Chapter 3—Offer Sincere and Specific Compliments 53

Be Attentive to Opportunities to Offer Compliments 54

Factors Influencing the Offering of Compliments 57

How to Offer Sincere and Specific Compliments 59

Recognize Coworkers 64

Getting from Ordinary to Extraordinary 69

Applying Sincere and Specific Compliments 71

Chapter 4—Share Unique Knowledge 73

Unique Knowledge Brings More Value

to the Customer Experience 74

The Benefits of Unique Knowledge 75

How to Share Unique Knowledge 82

Getting from Ordinary to Extraordinary 88

Applying Unique Knowledge 91

Chapter 5—Convey Authentic Enthusiasm 93

The Role of Leadership in Fostering Authentic Enthusiasm 95

How to Convey Authentic Enthusiasm 99

Getting from Ordinary to Extraordinary 108

Applying Authentic Enthusiasm 110

Chapter 6—Use Appropriate Humor 111

When to Use Appropriate Humor 113

When the Use of Humor May Be Inappropriate 123

Getting from Ordinary to Extraordinary 125

Applying Appropriate Humor 126

Chapter 7—Provide Pleasant Surprises 127

How to Provide Pleasant Surprises 129

Getting from Ordinary to Extraordinary 142

Applying Pleasant Surprises 144

Chapter 8—Deliver Service Heroics 145

Two Types of Service Heroics 146

How to Deliver Heroic Service to Solve Customers’ Problems 152

Getting from Ordinary to Extraordinary 161

Applying Service Heroics 163

Part Three: Incorporating Job Essence

Into Job Function

Chapter 9—From Ordinary to Extraordinary 167

Why Ordinary Customer Service Is Common

and Extraordinary Customer Service Is Rare 170

How to Raise Customer Service Quality

from Ordinary to Extraordinary 173

Getting from Ordinary to Extraordinary 186

Incorporating Job Essence into Job Function 188

Index 189

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