Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers

The People Skills You Need to Achieve Outstanding Results

 Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers

Author: Anthony Mersino, PMP
Pub Date: June 2013
Print Edition: $19.95
Print ISBN: 9780814432778
Page Count: 288
Format: Paper or Softback
Edition: Second Edition
e-Book ISBN: 9780814432785

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Table of Contents


Acknowledgments ix


An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence 1

1 My Growth in Emotional Intelligence 3

A Dangerous Situation 3

Emotional Mastery for Project Managers 5

Project Management Is Competitive 6

The Rules for Project Managers Have Changed 7

What Is Emotional Intelligence? 8

Measuring Your Emotional Intelligence 9

The Good News About Emotional Intelligence 12

Applying Emotional Intelligence to Project Mangement 12

Emotional Intelligence Is Vital to Project Managers 18

2 A Brief Primer on Emotional Intelligence 21

The Popularity of Emotional Intelligence 21

Some Useful Definitions 22

How to Improve Your Understanding of Emotional

Intelligence Concepts 29

Learning About Emotional Intelligence Is Only the First Step 30


Project Management Begins with Self-Management 33

3 Self-Awareness 35

An Introduction to Self-Awareness 35

Emotional Self-Awareness 36

Accurate Self-Assessment 50

Self-Confidence 52

Techniques to Improve Your Self-Awareness 53

Personal Action Plan: Self-Awareness 60

4 Self-Management 61

The Emotional Intelligence Model for Project Management 62

Self-Control 63

Prethinking or Foreshadowing 72

Techniques to Improve Our Self-Control 87

Personal Action Plan: Self-Management 93


Building Project Stakeholder Relationships 95

5 Social Awareness 97

An Introduction to Social Awareness 97

Empathy 100

Seeing Others Clearly 106

Organizational Awareness 112

Emotional Boundaries 117

Techniques for Improving Our Social Awareness 122

Personal Action Plan: Social Awareness 125

6 Relationship Management 126

An Introduction to Relationship Management 126

Stakeholder Relationships 129

Developing Others 144

Telling the Truth 149

Additional Principles of Relationship Building 158

Techniques for Managing Relationships on Projects 167

Personal Action Plan: Relationship Management 172


Using EQ to Lead Project Teams 173

7 Project Team Leadership 175

An Introduction to Project Team Leadership 175

Communications 177

Methods of Project Communications 181

Conflict Management 185

Inspirational Leadership 191

Additional Considerations for Team Leaders 194

Techniques for Improving Project Team Leadership 199

Personal Action Plan: Project Team Leadership 202

8 Creating a Positive Team Environment 203

What Makes a Great Project Team? 203

How PMs Set the Tone and Direction for the Project 205

The Team Within the Team 216

Techniques for Creating a Positive Team Environment 218

Personal Action Plan: Creating a Positive Team Environment 221


Leveraging Emotional Intelligence on Large and

Complex Projects 222

Are You Ready to Lead Large and Complex Projects? 222

Characteristics of Large and Complex Projects 223

Concerns for Large-Scale Project Managers 224

Applying Different Leadership Styles 226

Applying Emotional Intelligence to Virtual Project Teams 233

Emotional Intelligence Techniques for Large and

Complex Projects 238

Personal Action Plan: Leveraging Emotional Intelligence

on Large and Complex Projects 241

10 Success with Agile Projects 242

Agile Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Coaches,

and Team Leaders 242

Servant Leadership Is an Alternative to Command and Control 248

Agile Leaders Need to Be Emotionally Intelligent 249

Social Awareness and Relationship Management 249

Positive Regard 250

Techniques for Improving Our Success with Agile Projects 251

Personal Action Plan: Success with Agile Projects 253

Epilogue 255


A Emotional Tally Sheet 257

B Assessment for Emotional Self-Awareness and Self-Control 260

C Stakeholder Management Tool 262

D Emotional Intelligence Movies and Scenes 265

E Books on Emotional Intelligence 267

F Emotional Intelligence Assessment Instruments 269

Index 271

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