Handbook for Strategic HR

Best Practices in Organization Development from the OD Network

 Handbook for Strategic HR

Edited By: John Vogelsang, PhD, Maya Townsend, Matt Minahan, David Jamieson, Judy Vogel, Annie Viets, Cathy Royal, Lynne Valek
Pub Date: November 2012
Print Edition: $60.00
Print ISBN: 9780814432495
Page Count: 672
Format: Hardback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814432501

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For the human resources professional, the days of simply being responsible for hiring and firing, managing compensation and benefits, and ensuring compliance are over. Chances are your organization has begun looking to you as a strategic business partner, relying on your expertise to provide value as an organization development consultant. In order to succeed in your ever-expanding role in crafting your company’s strategy, shaping culture, designing how work gets done, and determining priorities in running the business, you will need to utilize core Organization Development (OD) skills.

Since 1968, OD Practitioner has been publishing cutting-edge theory and practical applications of OD in organizations and communities. A collection of the best thinking from seasoned practitioners that has appeared in OD Practitioner, the Handbook for Strategic HR provides a comprehensive introduction to the essential skills you need, supplying you with the latest thinking on:

Consulting and Partnership Skills

The book explains the challenges of being an internal consultant, the importance of developing a consultative mindset and approach, and how to partner with other business leaders and internal or external consultants in change or innovation projects.

Use of Self as an Instrument of Change

There is a complex set of awareness and behav­iors that make it possible for you to be genuinely helpful to others. The book explores the value of having an ethical process for making decisions, the mental maps that influence your perception of yourself and others, and methods to encourage continued learning for greater self-awareness and better working relationships with colleagues.

Thinking Systemically and Strategically

To be a successful HR Business Partner, you need to move beyond a focus on the individual to under­standing how the larger system—including groups, the organization as a whole, and the external environment—impacts work performance, the readiness for change, and the capacity for creativity. The chapters in this section intro­duce you to the key elements of a systemic and strategic approach to foster organizational effectiveness.

Employee Engagement

Featuring case studies and helpful techniques for increasing employee engagement in your organ­ization, the book reveals how to engage “minds, hearts, and hands” in the important work of the organization and putting employee engagement to practical use.

Change Management

Your ability to help your organization adapt, anticipate, and manage change has become essential. This section provides you with exam­ples of specific change initiatives, examines the experience of change from the recipient’s viewpoint, and reveals practical methods you can use to successfully lead change initiatives in your organization.

Globalization, Cross-Cultural Interaction, and Virtual Working Arrangement

To be successful, even “local” businesses must look beyond their own geographic areas for customers, clients, employees, information, materials, and other resources. The book provides you with an appreciation for the challenges and complexities of organizational integration, collaboration, and communication in global enterprises.

Comprehensive and practical, this forward-thinking, enlightening book enables you to become a key partner in leading your organization forward. OD Practitioner is the quarterly journal of The Organization Development Network, an international association whose members are committed to practicing organization development as an applied behavioral science.

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