The Debt-Free Spending Plan

An Amazingly Simple Way to Take Control of Your Finances Once and for All

The Debt-Free Spending Plan

Author: JoAnneh Nagler
Pub Date: October 2012
Print Edition: $16.00
Print ISBN: 9780814432433
Format: Paper or Softback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814432440

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Table of Contents







CHAPTER 1 The Heart of Our Debting Issues                     


The Debt-Free Spending Plan Is Not a Budget                   

What This Book Will Do for You                              

How Did I Get into This Mess?                               

So, What Have I Been Spending, Anyway?                      

Stop Debting, One Day at a Time                             

Pick Your Poison: What Going to Stop You?                   


CHAPTER 2 In with Structure, Out with Stringency:

      The Simple Tools of the Debt-Free Spending Plan                


First Things First: Determine Your Income                     

Introducing the Debt-Free Spending Plan                      

Step One: Your Monthly Bills                                

Step Two: Your Daily Needs                                  

Step Three: Add It Up                                      

The One, Hard-and-Fast Rule                                


CHAPTER 3 Make It Work Every Day:

      Your Personal Debt-Free Spending Plan in Action                


A Typical Debt-Free Spending Plan                           

A Quick Emotional Read on the Numbers                      

Do Your Plan Once a Month, Every Month                     

The Magic Little Notebook                                  

Your Personal Tracking Record                               

Your Bill-Paying Plan                                       

What to Do if You’re Behind                                 

How to Catch Up                                          

What to Do if You’re Ahead                                  

“Payday Debting”: Consultants, Home Office Professionals,

      Entrepreneurs, and Artists                                   

Debit Cards versus Cash                                     

Putting It All Together                                      

Begin Today                                               


CHAPTER 4 Deprivation Will Never Get You Debt-Free:

      A Plan for Everything We Need, Want, and Dream of              


Why Have a “Healthy Reserve” Account?                       

You Also Need Short-Term Savings                            

Fun Money and Special Projects Accounts                      

Weddings, Vacations, and Special-Event Debting                

Simple, But Not Always Easy                                 

Learn to Live Well First                                     


CHAPTER 5 To Cut or Not to Cut:

      Taking a Reasonable Look at What You Can and Can’t Afford      


Cutting Means Financial Freedom                            

Making Cuts in Your Daily Needs Categories                    

Making Cuts in Your Monthly Bills Categories                 

Start Simply and Incrementally                              


CHAPTER 6 Nailing Down the Octopus Arms: How to

      Pay Back Your Debts without Gouging Your Living Expenses      


The Value of a Debt-Repayment Plan                         

Easy-Does-It Payback Plans                                 

Credit Ratings and Less Than Minimum Monthly Payments      

How to Talk to Creditors                                 

A Note About “Forgotten” Debts                          

Making Your Peace with the Payback Timeline                 


CHAPTER 7 Our Aphrodisiac Spending Plan: A Loving Approach

      to Approaching the One You Love About Debt Problems          


Lay the Unresolved Issue on the Table                        

A Debt-Free Spending Plan for Two                          

Victoria and Mark’s Spending Plans                           

Nobody Wants to Be Told What to Do                        

The Aphrodisiac Quality of a Debt-Free Spending Plan          

Lawyers, Guns, and Money                                 

Hope, Backed by Action                                    


CHAPTER 8 “Mom, Can I Borrow  ?”:

      How to Stop Asking for Money and Start Paying It Back          


How Much Do You Owe?                                 

You Pay What You Can                                    

How to Make Money Amends                               

Loans, Gifts, and Debt Forgiveness                           

The One-Third Windfall Money Rule                        


CHAPTER 9 Creativity, Not Credit Cards:

      Learning from the Spending Plans of the Newly Debt-Free       


Downsizing Means Things Are Looking Up                    

Five Real-World Examples                                  

Alanna’s Debt-Free Spending Plan                           

Pete’s Debt-Free Spending Plan                             

Michaela’s Debt-Free Spending Plan                          

Jake and Anna’s Debt-Free Spending Plan                     

David and Ellie’s Debt-Free Spending Plan                    


CHAPTER 10 Keeping on Track and Keeping It Real:

      Using the Tools That Help You Stay on the Plan                 


Tech Tools                                               

Bottom-Line Tools                                        

Coaching and Other Support Tools                           

No Excuses                                              


CHAPTER 11 To File or Not to File:

      Bankruptcy and Our Future Financial Health                    


Do I File for Bankruptcy?                                   

Attorneys and Agencies                                     

Ethical Issues                                             

Be Honest                                               

The Fallout of Filing                                       

The Devil in Disguise                                      


CHAPTER 12 Building a Life of Financial Integrity               


Success Is Going to Look Different Now                      

The Real Jackpot                                          

The Happy Life                                           

This Book Is for You                                       



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