Talent Leadership

A Proven Method for Identifying and Developing High-Potential Employees

 Talent Leadership

Author: John Mattone
Pub Date: October 2012
Print Edition: $34.95
Print ISBN: 9780814432396
Page Count: 304
Format: Hardback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814432402

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Table of Contents



Foreword by Dr. Jac Fitz-enz






Chapter 1: What Is Talent Leadership?

The Search for Solutions

Elements of a Winning Human Capital


External and Internal Challenges

The Stealth Fighter Model

Assessment and Structure

The Four Objectives of Deployment

What About Demarcation?


Chapter 2: The Stealth Fighter Needs a Target: The Importance

of Competencies

What Is a Competency Model?

Competency-Based HR Systems

Suggestions on How to Use Competency Models

JohnMattonePartners’ (JMP’s) Process for

    Developing Competency Models

The Stealth Competency Mapping

Process™ (SCMP)


Chapter 3: The Leadership Wheel of Success™: The Outer Core

The Outer-Core Leadership Competencies

Calibrating the Outer Core: The Strategic-Tactical

Leadership Index-360™ (STLI-360)


Chapter 4: The Leadership Wheel of Success™: The Inner Core

    and Coaching from the Inside Out

Learned Helplessness

Getting Leaders to Change


Character and Values

Harnessing the Power of Character and Values

Coaching from the Inside Out

The Power of Versatility


Chapter 5: The Nuts and Bolts of Positive Performance

    Management (PPM)

What If the Truth Is Not Told?

The Ten Elements of Positive Performance


The Three-Part Cycle

Executing Positive Performance Management

The Role of the Employee

The Role of Leaders

Major Steps in Coaching as a Leader

Reviewing Performance Goals


Chapter 6: Succession Planning: Using Assessment to Calibrate

    Performance, Potential, and Readiness

Why Is Succession Planning Needed?

Research Findings on Succession Planning

The Nuts and Bolts

Assessment: Calibrating Performance, Potential,

    and Readiness

Potential-Based Calibration Assessments


Chapter 7: Psychodynamic Model of Executive Maturity:

    The Enneagram

Breaking Down the Enneagram

How to Use the Enneagram


Chapter 8: Understanding the Heart Leader Triad: Helpers,

    Entertainers, and Artists

Type Two: The Helper

Type Three: The Entertainer

Type Four: The Artist


Chapter 9: Understanding the Head Leader Triad: Thinkers,

    Disciples, and Activists

Type Five: The Thinker

Type Six: The Disciple

Type Seven: The Activist


Chapter 10: Understanding the Gut Leader Triad: Drivers,

    Arbitrators, and Perfectionists

Type Eight: The Driver

Type Nine: The Arbitrator

Type One: The Perfectionist


Chapter 11: Integrating Assessment Results and Executive

Coaching: Development

Typical Executive Coaching Applications

Defining the Scope of a Coaching



Nine-Box Placement and Executive Coaching

Defining Action Steps

The Roles of Stakeholders/Mentors in Building

Positive Lasting Change

LeaderWatch™ Abbreviated Surveys and


Final Thoughts


Appendix A: Diagnosing the Health of Your

    Human Capital/Talent Management Practice


Appendix B: Diagnosing the Health of Your Succession

     Management Program


Appendix C: The Mattone Leadership Enneagram

     Index (MLEI)






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