This Is How to Get Your Next Job

An Inside Look at What Employers Really Want

 This Is How to Get Your Next Job

Author: Andrea Kay
Pub Date: April 2013
Print Edition: $16.00
Print ISBN: 9780814432211
Page Count: 256
Format: Paper or Softback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814432228

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Press Release

THIS IS HOW TO GET YOUR NEXT JOB: An Inside Look at What Employers Really Want

Why do so many bright, qualified job seekers fail, again and again, to get hired for desirable positions? While those out of work and those stuck in a bad work situation often blame overwhelming competition, their lack of specialized skills or credentials, the dismal economy, or just rotten luck, the real reason may be something else—hallmarks employers continually seek, but aren’t finding in many bright, qualified people.

That’s what Andrea Kay, career consultant and syndicated columnist, found in her conversations with business owners and hiring managers at companies of all sizes and in diverse sectors across the United States. In her latest book, THIS IS HOW TO GET YOUR NEXT JOB: An Inside Look at What Employers Really Want (AMACOM 2013), Kay shares why employers frequently reject bright, qualified job seekers as new hires. Based on the answers to a question she asked hundreds of employers—Why didn’t you hire the last 10 people you interviewed?—Kay concludes: Job applicants, regardless of their experience, education, and functional proficiencies, get passed over because of how they seem based on the behaviors they exhibited before, during, or after an interview.

“Even in prosperous, thriving times, people with the power to hire are deciding who you are by how you seem—based on how you act,” Kay stresses to job seekers. But in a tenuous economy, as she notes, employers are much more watchful and much less likely to give someone who seems careless or unreliable or immature—because that’s how he or she acted at a defining point in the interview process—the benefit of the doubt when it comes to hiring.

So, how can job seekers seem bright, qualified, and highly attractive to their targeted employers? Kicking off with a “Would You Hire You?” self-test, Kay provides exercises to help job applicants clearly define how they want to seem and make sure it matches up with how they actually are—and will be on the job. Then, she gives them specific “don’t do that/do this” advice to ensure that they come across that way—their genuine best—to hiring authorities.

In THIS IS HOW TO GET YOUR NEXT JOB, readers will come to understand and act on:

* The 17 core behaviors, characteristics, sensibilities, and attitudes employers are looking for in the ideal employee, in addition to expertise and a certain set of skills.

* What’s going on in the employer’s mind throughout the interview process—and why even small actions can make a candidate seem not worth the hiring investment.

* 15 things a job applicant should never do, starting with acting clueless and unprepared, with pointers on what to do instead—for starters, do a little research to learn what the company does, its history, leaders, philosophy, and culture.

* 15 things a job applicant should never talk about or say (for one, “I have good people skills.”), plus tips, tactics, and language to help candidates say what they mean, mean what they say, and be perceived as thoughtful, conscientious, professional, honest, and likeable.

* 15 things a new hire—or any employee—should never do over the course of a career, including act like a know-it-all, get sloppy, and forget who brought you to the dance.

With Andrea Kay and THIS IS HOW TO GET YOUR NEXT JOB in their corner, job seekers will gain the insights and perspective, and make the necessary attitude and behavior adjustments, to stand out from the crowd of competitors and win coveted job offers.


Andrea Kay is a respected career columnist and consultant. Her syndicated column, “At Work,” appears weekly in USA Today and in nearly 100 Gannett-owned newspapers across North America, as well as online. She has been interviewed in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Fortune, among many publications, and contributed career advice on National Public Radio affiliates and other radio and TV programs. This is her sixth career book.

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