Idea Agent

Leadership that Liberates Creativity and Accelerates Innovation

 Idea Agent

Author: Lina M. Echeverria
Pub Date: November 2012
Print Edition: $27.95
Print ISBN: 9780814432174
Page Count: 304
Format: Hardback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814432181

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Is it possible to manage the creative professionals within your organization without stifling them? That’s the million-dollar question for those trying to help their companies develop the kind of breakthrough innovations that result in unique products, improved processes, and creative advantages that competitors can’t copy. The challenge lies in striking the right balance between unleashing your creative people’s energy and channeling it into tangible business results.

Drawing on Lina M. Echeverría’s considerable experience assembling and nurturing cutting-edge teams at Corning Incorporated, one of America’s leading technology companies, this book shows you how to become an Idea Agent: a catalyst for releasing your people’s creativity, their advocate within the company, and also the person who keeps them focused and productive.

Containing practical methods for pulling strong-minded, visionary individuals together to solve incredibly complex problems, Idea Agent reveals seven proven principles to help you nurture—and follow through on—innovation. You’ll learn how to:

Embrace creative conflict

Conflict is an inevitable challenge, often put aside and left unaddressed. Learn its causes and how to productively confront fiery conflict and transform it into creative engagement.

Let the best take flight

Your role as leader—in recruiting, hiring, and managing—lies in understanding what it takes to preserve the space for discovery and invention. Give your creative team the freedom to guide you in how you can best help them to deliver break- throughs.

Demand excellence and enrich lives

Create a way of life based upon high expectations and full engagement by clearly communicating expectations and commitments and continually expecting adherence to them.

Live values that liberate creativity

Set innovation free by highlighting values that honor and respect the passion of creatives, balancing freedom with rigor and integrity with flex­i­bility.

Structure a clear organization

Set up functional and project structures with clearly delineated roles, links, and responsibilities so your organization can benefit from the liberated drive of its individuals.

Create a culture

Provide unconstrained forums and inviting physi­cal settings that allow for a culture of innovation involving group celebrations, autonomous time, and a rich oral tradition.

The challenge involved in leading fast-paced in­no­va­tion teams requires passion and detachment in eq­ual measure. Filled with fascinating real-life examples, this illuminating book gives you all the guidance and wisdom you need to propel innovation across your entire organization.

LINA M. ECHEVERRÍA is an innovation leadership consultant with 25 years of experience in science and technology. At Corning, Echeverría created an environ­ment where scientists were both creative and productive, and where teams balanced the ability to explore the edges of possibility while delivering criti­cal new technology on time and on budget. From scientist to vice president, she helped drive new products that now underpin our technology-based economy, from faster optical fiber that powers the Internet to flat-panel glass used in everything from smartphones to LCD TVs.

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