Managing Knock Your Socks Off Service

 Managing Knock Your Socks Off Service

Authors: Chip R. Bell, Ron Zemke
Pub Date: May 2013
Your Price: $18.95
ISBN: 9780814432044
Page Count: 256
Format: Paper or Softback
Edition: Third Edition

ISBN: 9780814432051


The bestselling customer service management book—updated with fresh examples, new tools, and the latest, cutting-edge ideas.

In our increasingly connected world, customer service can make or break a business. Companies that excel keep customers coming back—and those who don’t soon discover that word spreads fast. The difference is in how managers train, coach, and support frontline employees. Extensively revised with today’s empowered, web-savvy consumer in mind, Managing Knock Your Socks Off Service shows managers and supervisors how to:

• Find and retain service-oriented people

• Understand customer needs, expectations and desires

• Build a service vision

• Design a user-friendly service delivery process

• Involve and inspire employees

• Recognize and reward good performance

The third edition features new chapters on: learning from lost customers; inciting passion and incentivizing service; fostering trust; and delivering great customer experiences online. In short, everything readers need to ensure their frontline employees become their company’s biggest asset.

About the Authors

CHIP R. BELL is the founder of The Chip Bell Group and author of many popular books including Wired and Dangerous. His work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, USA Today, Fast Company, Business Week and other major media.

RON ZEMKE was founder of Performance Research Associates and considered one of the leaders of the service quality revolution. He was coauthor of the bestselling Knock Your Socks Off Service series.

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