ProActive Selling

Control the Process--Win the Sale

 ProActive Selling

Author: William "Skip" Miller
Pub Date: August 2012
Print Edition: $17.95
Print ISBN: 9780814431924
Page Count: 240
Format: Paper or Softback
Edition: Second Edition
e-Book ISBN: 9780814431962

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Table of Contents







Chapter 1: ProActive Selling: Having the Right Tools

at the Right Time to Be a Step Ahead

Tool-Based ProActive Selling

The Customer’s Perspective

What Is a Buy/Sell Process?


Matching the Sell Process to the Buy Process

The Length of a Sales Cycle

Why Follow a Process?


Chapter 2: The Buy/Sell Cycle Differences

Feature/Benefit/Value Selling vs. Feature/Benefit Selling


The Split



Chapter 3: The Language of Value

Speak the Right Language

Three LanguagesTool

The Five Ways of Creating Value




Chapter 4: Initiate

Goals of Initiate

Homework Before the Sale

Initial Sales Calls: Overcoming the Fear of Prospecting

The Prospector’s Perspective

The Prospect’s Perspective—Something to Keep in Mind


Chapter 5: How to Begin and End Every Sales Call

Goal 1: Introduce Yourself—The Beginning

The 30-Second SpeechTool


Goal 2: Introduce Your Product/Service—The Middle

Goal 3: Do We Continue on Through a Buy/Sell Process?—The End

Summarize, Bridge, and PullTool


Chapter 6: Additional Sales Call Introductions

Voice Mail

20-Second Help SpeechTool

20-Second Pattern Interrupt SpeechTool


Beyond the First Call

30-Second Speech: Second Call and BeyondTool


Chapter 7: Control the Middle and the End

Turn Sales Education into ProActive Sales Presentations

Ask ’em/Tell ’em/Ask ’emTool

It’s All About ME!

The Danger in the Unspoken Feature

The Right Order

GAP ChartTool

Road Map to the Deal



Chapter 8: Educate the Customer Using

Two-Way Learning

Creating Value Early

Getting Their Attention

Selling Solutions and Finding Trains

Solution BoxTool

Finding TrainsTool


Chapter 9: Qualify: Not a Phase but a Process

Qualification and Disqualification Skills

How You Should Spend Your Time

Qualifying Goals

MMM: The Qualification Process

The Seven Questions

Implementation DateTool

BBB—Buyers Buy BackwardsTool


Three Levels of WhyTool

MMM: The Seven Questions Reviewed


Chapter 10: Validate

The ProActive Initiation of Transfer of Ownership

It’s Validation, Not Education!

Let the Buyer Drive: ProActively Inducing the Transfer of Ownership


Homework Assignments



Chapter 11: Justify

Reasons for Justification: Institutional and Individual

Helping the Customer Justify

The Implementation PlanTool

The Drop/Push/PullTool


STT—Short-Term TransferTool


Chapter 12: The Skill of Closing the Deal

What Is a Close?

Defining the Process

Use the Tools

The Real Art of Closing Is in the Definition: Think Like a Buyer

Celebrate Success


Chapter 13: Using Technology to Sell

Sales Touches

Social Media: Getting Involved

Technology Trends


Chapter 14: Applying the ProActive Selling Process

Implementing the New Rules

The Three Languages

The Final Word


Appendix: ProActive Selling Tools



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