Fundamentals of Project Management

 Fundamentals of Project Management

Author: Joseph Heagney
Pub Date: September 2011
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ISBN: 9780814417485
Format: Paper or Softback
Edition: Fourth Edition

ISBN: 9780814417492

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Preface to the Fourth Edition


Chapter 1 An Overview of Project Management

Chapter 2 The Role of the Project Manager

Chapter 3 Planning the Project

Chapter 4 Developing a Mission, Vision, Goals,

and Objectives for the Project

Chapter 5 Creating the Project Risk Plan

Chapter 6 Using the Work Breakdown

Structure to Plan a Project

Chapter 7 Scheduling Project Work

Chapter 8 Producing a Workable Schedule

Chapter 9 Project Control and Evaluation

Chapter 10 The Change Control Process

Chapter 11 Project Control Using Earned

Value Analysis

Chapter 12 Managing the Project Team

Chapter 13 The Project Manager as Leader

Chapter 14 How to Make Project Management

Work in Your Company

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