The AMA Handbook of Financial Risk Management

The AMA Handbook of Financial Risk Management

Author: John J. Hampton
Pub Date: April 2011
Print Edition: $75.00
Print ISBN: 9780814417447
Page Count: 320
Format: Hardback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814417454

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Every financial investment decision your organization makes involves the concept of risk. How much profit needs to be returned on an investment to justify the amount of exposure that comes with it? Do you have a proven market and a competitive product? How large is the risk compared to your current resources? Can you afford the loss you might take? And have you considered the changes that might occur—from the cost of doing business to the state of the marketplace, the economy, and even the environment—that might take place and affect the outcome?

But managing risk isn’t just about the exposures your company may be open to—it’s also about opportunity. Yes, you can lose money with every financial decision. But with the proper risk management systems in place, you can also pursue success at higher degrees than you’ve ever imagined.

The AMA Handbook of Financial Risk Management provides the tools for dealing with the most important areas of financial decision making, equipping you with models that allow you to determine each new step in your organization’s future. The book provides clear explanations, straightforward guidance, and indispensable tools for evaluating risks that simply should not be ignored, including:

• Investment Risk, in which you may fail to earn a return or lose the invested capital

• Liquidity Risk, opened up by the fluctuating value of your securities or other assets

• Cash Flow Risk, that develops from opera­tions when you fail to manage seasonal or other variations

• Capital Structure Risk, when you borrow too much or fail to borrow to seize opportunities

• Budgeting Risk, when you fail to support goals and strategic initiatives with the resources to be successful

• Information Technology Risk, wherein failing to keep up with new developments can leave you open to competitors taking over your markets

• Valuation Risk, buying or selling assets without realizing their real worth

• And many more

Examining both the upside and the possible downside to every conceivable factor of your business, The AMA Handbook of Financial Risk Management is an indispensable resource that provides you with the philosophical and analytical framework you need to make the right decisions for your organization, every time.

JOHN J. HAMPTON is a professor of business at St. Peter’s College, a principal in the Princeton Consulting Group, and former executive director of the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS). He is the author of Fundamentals of Enterprise Risk Management.

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