The Marketing Plan

How to Prepare and Implement It

The Marketing Plan

Author: William M. Luther
Pub Date: March 2011
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ISBN: 9780814416938
Page Count: 304
Format: Paper or Softback
Edition: Fourth Edition

ISBN: 9780814416945

Table of Contents




Chapter 1: The Planning Process

Chapter 2: Marketing Management

Chapter 3: Market Analysis

Chapter 4: Customer Analysis

Chapter 5: Brand Development

Chapter 4: Customer Analysis

Chapter 5: Brand Development

Chapter 6: The Product/Service Plan

Chapter 7: Calculating Your Marketing Communications


Chapter 8: Competitive Analysis

Chapter 9: The Advertising Plan

Chapter 10: The Sales Promotion Plan

Chapter 11: The Public Relations Plan

Chapter 12: The Sales Plan: Pricing

Chapter 13: The Sales Plan: Future Sales

Chapter 14: The Customer Service Plan

Chapter 15: Maximizing High-Potential Accounts

Chapter 16: The Internet Plan

Chapter 17: The Research Plan

Chapter 18: Pulling the Plan Together

Appendix A: Marketing Plan Basics

Appendix B: Everything You Need to Know About Working

with an Advertising Agency

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