A Supply Chain Management Guide to Business Continuity

A Supply Chain Management Guide to Business Continuity

Author: Betty A. Kildow
Pub Date: January 2011
Print Edition: $35.00
Print ISBN: 9780814416457
Page Count: 272
Format: Hardback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814416464

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Table of Contents





CHAPTER 1 Business Continuity Basics

What Business Continuity Is . . . and Is Not

The Value of Business Continuity Planning

A Historical Perspective

Business Continuity Planning: A New Responsibility

Some Additional Key Terms

Going Forward

CHAPTER 2 The Business Continuity Program:

Who Owns It, What Drives It?

Managing Risk

Who’s in Charge, Who’s Responsible?

What Drives the Need for a Business Continuity Program?

Business Continuity and Risk Management: Similarities and Differences

Rules, Regulations, Requirements, Guidelines, and Implications

A Business Continuity Plan vs. A Business Continuity Program

Going Forward

CHAPTER 3 Business Continuity Best Practices

Developing a Business Continuity Program

The Business Continuity Planning Process

Hazard Assessment

Business Impact Analysis

Strategy Development

Plan Development

Program Testing and Implementation

Avoiding Business Continuity Silos

A Holistic Approach to Risk Management

Going Forward

CHAPTER 4 The Organization, the Supply Chain,

and Business Continuity

Enterprise- Wide Disaster Readiness

Incorporating the Supply Chain in Business Continuity Planning:

An Integrated Approach

Assessing Current Preparedness

Going Forward

CHAPTER 5 Risk Identification and Hazard Assessment

The Changing Face of Supply Chain Risks

Identifying Supply Chain Risks

Mapping the Supply Chain

Avoiding Inherited Risks

Applying the Hazard Assessment to Develop a Mitigation Program

Creating a Solid Foundation for Business Continuity Planning

Going Forward

CHAPTER 6 The Business Impact Analysis

The BIA: The Foundation of Business Continuity Planning

Conducting the Business Impact Analysis

Identifying and Prioritizing Critical Elements of the Supply Chain

The Business Impact Analysis Report

Going Forward

CHAPTER 7 Supply Chain Business Continuity Strategies

Devising Strategies for Managing Risks

Developing Strategy Options

Identifying Critical Suppliers

Examining Outsourcing Options

Addressing Transportation Concerns

The Role of Purchasing and Procurement in Continuity Planning

Supplier Selection

Contracting with Suppliers

Supplier Monitoring

Ensuring Continuity Support in Procurement

Partnering with Suppliers

Disaster Recovery: IT Support of the Supply Chain

Considering the Human Factor of Business Continuity Planning

The Importance of Disaster Communications

Going Forward

CHAPTER 8 Business Continuity Plan Documents

The Purpose of Business Continuity Plans

Developing the Plan

Avoiding Plan Gaps

Reviews and Updates

A Sample Basic Plan

Going Forward

CHAPTER 9 Testing and Maintaining Business Continuity


Training, Exercises, and Tests: The Key to Workable Plans

Plan Reviews and Maintenance

Going Forward

CHAPTER 10 Business Continuity Standards, Regulations,

and Requirements

Regulations, Planning Guidelines, and Standards

Personal Certification

Going Forward

APPENDIX A Business Continuity Planning Assessment


APPENDIX B General and Supply Chain–Specific Hazards


APPENDIX C Pandemic Planning

APPENDIX D The Business Continuity Team

APPENDIX E Continuity Plan Samples



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