Customer Service Training 101

Quick and Easy Techniques That Get Great Results

 Customer Service Training 101

Author: Renee Evenson
Pub Date: October 2010
Print Edition: $22.95
Print ISBN: 9780814416419
Page Count: 224
Format: Paper or Softback
Edition: Second Edition
e-Book ISBN: 9780814416426

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Table of Contents


Acknowledgments vii

Introduction 1

Tips for the Trainer 5

Tips for the Student 13



1 Taking Your First Steps: The Basics 21

Customer Service Is the Basics, 22

Step 1: First Impressions Matter 25

Step 2: Courtesy Counts 27

Step 3: Attitude Is Everything 30

Step 4: Doing the Right Thing: Ethical Issues 32

 Key Points 37, Practice Lesson 38, Doing It Right! 39,

How Do I Measure Up? 40

2 Tossing the Ball Back and Forth: Effective Communication 41

Customer Service Is Effective Communication, 42

Step 1: Saying What You Mean and Meaning What You Say 46

Step 2: What You Don’t Say: Nonverbal Communication 48

Step 3: Putting Words Together: Grammar Usage 51

Step 4: Asking the Correct Questions and Answering the Questions Correctly 52

Step 5: When the Customer Says No 56

Step 6: Listening Actively 59

 Key Points 63, Practice Lesson 64, Doing It Right! 66,

How Do I Measure Up? 67

3 Jumping in with Both Feet: Relationship Building 68

Customer Service Is Building Relationships, 69

Step 1: Establishing Rapport 74

Step 2: Interacting Positively with Customers 77

Step 3: Identifying Customers’ Needs 79

Step 4: Making the Customer Feel Valued 82

Step 5: Maintaining Ongoing Relationships 83

Step 6: Different Strokes: Handling Different Types of Customers 86

 Key Points 93, Practice Lesson 94, Doing It Right! 96,

How Do I Measure Up? 97



4 Seeing Eye to Eye: Face-to-Face Contacts 101

Customer Service Is Face-to-Face Contacts, 102

Step 1: Saying Hello: Greeting the Customer 106

Step 2: Between Hello and Goodbye: Helping the Customer 109

Step 3: Saying Goodbye: Ending the Interaction 111

 Key Points 117, Practice Lesson 117, Doing It Right! 118,

How Do I Measure Up? 120

5 Saying It with a Smile: Telephone Contacts 121

Customer Service Is Telephone Contacts, 122

Step 1: Putting Your Best Ear Forward: Listening Carefully 126

Step 2: Saying Hello: The Opener 127

Step 3: Between Hello and Goodbye: Helping the Customer 129

Step 4: Saying Goodbye: The Closer 133

 Key Points 138, Practice Lesson 139, Doing It Right! 140,

How Do I Measure Up? 142

6 Looking Before You Leap: E-Customer Contacts 143

Customer Service Is E-Customer Contacts, 144

Step 1: What Does the E-Customer Expect? 147

Step 2: Hanging the Open Sign: Being Accessible 150

Step 3: Writing What You Mean: E-Mail Communication 152

Step 4: Speaking Around the World: Cross-Cultural Etiquette 155

 Key Points 158, Practice Lesson 159, Doing It Right! 160,

How Do I Measure Up? 161

7 Giving When Getting Is Not Expected: Self-Service

Contacts 162

Customer Service Is Self-Service Contacts, 163

Step 1: Saying Hello: Greeting the Customer 167

Step 2: Between Hello and Goodbye: Looking for Opportunities to Help 169

Step 3: Saying Goodbye: Ending the Interaction 171

 Key Points 176, Practice Lesson 176, Doing It Right! 178,

How Do I Measure Up? 179

8 Calming the Storm: Difficult Customer Contacts 180

Customer Service Is Difficult Customer Contacts, 181

Step 1: What Is Going On: Determine the Reason for the Problem 184

Step 2: What Caused the Problem: Identify the Root Cause 188

Step 3: What Can I Do: Rectify the Situation 191

Step 4: What Can I Say: Restore the Relationship 194

Step 5: What Needs to Be Done: Fix What Needs to Be Fixed 197

 Key Points 201, Practice Lesson 202, Doing It Right! 205,

How Do I Measure Up? 207



9 Hitting the Ground Running: Ready, Set, Go 211

Customer Service Is Being Ready and Set to Go 212

Your Customer Service Training Quick Reference 215

10 Being the Best You Can Be: The Total Package 218

Customer Service Is Being the Best You Can Be Every Day 218

Enjoy Each Day, 221

Index 223

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