The Secrets of Great Sales Management

Advanced Strategies for Maximizing Performance

The Secrets of Great Sales Management

Author: Robert A. Simpkins
Pub Date: August 2004
Print Edition: $24.95
Print ISBN: 9780814415931
Page Count: 24
Format: Paper or Softback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814428092

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Table of Contents


I. Planning

Chapter 1: The Changing World of Sales Management

What’s Expected of You?

Knowing the Business Realities: Situational Analysis

Customer Values Benchmarking

Developing Critical Objectives

Chapter 2: Planning for Today and Tomorrow

The Value of Planning

A Snapshot of Today

Scenario and Simulation Planning

Determining Prioritized Corporate Objectives

Clarifying Short-Term, Intermediate, and Long-Term Goals

Creating Directional Statements for Your Sales Team:

Determining Resource Requirements and Availability

Chapter 3: Crafting the Professional Sales Force

Setting Out Your Goals

Establishing Performance Objectives and Measurements

Raising the Bar for Existing Sales Team Members

Using the New Performance Standards to Hire

II. Preparing

Chapter 4: Finding the Sales Team Talent

Recruiting and Hiring Practices

How to Recruit

Interviewing Best Practices

Understanding the Legal and Ethical Ramifications of Recruiting and Hiring

Chapter 5: Strengthening the Sales Team

The Strong Grow Stronger

Linking Organizational Processes

Selecting and Implementing Critical Technologies

Understanding Evolving Technologies and Software

Contact Management Software (CMS)

Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

Enterprise-Wide Software

Using Technology as a Point of Differentiation.

Effective Development and Training Initiatives

Determining Strengths and Weaknesses of Individual Team Members

Creating Individualized Plans for Growth

Getting the Sales Professional’s Buy-In

Chapter 6: Compensation Programs That Drive Superior Performance

Sales Force Compensation

Making Sure Your Compensation Plan Drives the Desired Objectives

Weighing Compensation Plan Variations

Watching for Negative Results

Fine-Tuning the Plan

Making the Plan Fair for Everyone

III. Producing

Chapter 7: Now Lead: Measuring and Managing Performance

Sales Forecasting

Performance Evaluations

Understanding Changes in the Territories and the Marketplace That Impact Performance

Recognizing Individual Challenges

Identifying All Contributors to a Forecast

Communicating the Results to Senior Management

Chapter 8: Coaching and Counseling

The Art of Coaching

Coaching Skills to Improve Performance

The Ride-Along or Co-Calling Coaching Session

The Office Coaching Session

Creating a Motivational Environment

Dealing with Difficult Times

Counseling the Problem Team Member

Managing Dismissals Intelligently

Legal Considerations

Chapter 9: Looking Toward the Future

Creating Career Development Plans for Your Sales Team Members

Matching the Plan to Goals

Preparing for Turnover

Succession and Legacy Planning

Wearing the Mantle of Leadership


A Leadership Growth Plan

A Checklist for Success"

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