The AMA Handbook of Public Relations

The AMA Handbook of Public Relations

Author: Robert L. Dilenschneider
Pub Date: February 2010
Print Edition: $35.00
Print ISBN: 9780814415252
Page Count: 256
Format: Hardback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814415269

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Every company, cause, and career with a stake in positive public exposure depends on successful public relations, and until recently, PR professionals had the art of promoting messages, shaping opinions, and protecting reputations down to a science. Then, the Internet opened up a staggering array of unparalleled possibilities—and previously unimaginable dangers.

Whether you’re an in-house PR manager or an outside PR consultant, the constantly evolving world of online communication has made your job more challenging than ever. In the view of PR icon Robert L. Dilenschneider, the only effective way to deal with those challenges is to integrate your firm grasp of “old-style” media—television, radio, magazines, newspapers, direct mail, personal appearances, and others—with the new and emerging Web 2.0 outlets. In The AMA Handbook of Public Relations, he offers you a comprehensive operator’s manual to communicating with influence in the 21st century.

If you’re looking for tried-and-true formulas, you won’t find them here—because they no longer exist. Instead, you’ll get an expert’s help in developing the mind-set, strategies, tactics, and confidence to bring together and fully exploit all the vehicles for information, ideas, and debate now available to you. You’ll learn how to take your skills to a new level on a new playing field—and gain new advantage. “This hand­book will explain in detail how the tools and techniques of the Internet, when combined with conventional understanding of communications, can make a major difference in your life and career,” Dilenschneider affirms. “It will also tell you how you can master this new world.”

Informed by hundreds of interviews with business leaders, media heads, cyberspace trailblazers, policy makers, consumers, and college students, The AMA Handbook of Public Relations reflects the latest digital communication trends and addresses key influence concerns. Along with a wealth of illuminating real- and virtual-world examples, you’ll find action steps and practical tips to help you:

• Create a website that connects with visitors on a human level.

• Get more comfortable with the nuts and bolts of blogs, microblogs (aka “tweets”), podcasts, and social networking sites . . . and then let your target audience determine which tools and forums you should use to reach and engage them.

• Reframe your PR universe in terms of hyper­links—the digital version of the wisdom of crowds—and seize every chance to cooperate and collaborate with your competitors.

• Recognize, measure, and budget for what counts—results that are truly relevant to your company’s or client’s goals. (For instance, word-of-mouth from satisfied customers counts much more than total website traffic.)

• Monitor what is being said about your company, products, services, industry, competition, and leadership on the Web, 24/7, and invest in a strong offense against Internet security threats and cyberattackers.

• Plan ahead for crises and worst-case scenarios, transform misinformation and mispercep­tions into opportunities to reinforce your message, and uncover the real motives behind persistent false rumors.

• Experiment with a mix of digital and tradi­tional media—and have the courage to change a tactic or strategy without apology. As you’ll discover, trial and error is vital to public relations success in the ever-evolving communications landscape.

You’ll also find helpful chapters devoted to specific PR skills and specialties, including investor relations, tourism, speechwriting, market research, and more. If what you do depends on communicating the right messages, you’ll find The AMA Handbook of Public Relations an essential resource and an invaluable guide.

Robert L. Dilenschneider is the founder and Chairman of The Dilenschneider Group, a global public relations and communications consulting firm head­quartered in New York City. He is the former President and Chief Executive Officer of Hill and Knowlton, Inc., and the author of many books, including the best-selling Power and Influence.

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