Smart Selling on the Phone and Online

Inside Sales That Gets Results

 Smart Selling on the Phone and Online

Author: Josiane Chriqui Feigon
Pub Date: September 2009
Print Edition: $17.95
Print ISBN: 9780814414651
Page Count: 272
Format: Paper or Softback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814414668

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Table of Contents



INTRODUCTION: But I’ve Only Got Four Minutes! 1

CHAPTER 1: TIME MANAGEMENT: Momentum Control 12

Inside Sales Is About Time 14

Less Time Leads to More Paralysis 16

Be Proactive in a Reactive World 20

Two Types of Momentum: Proactive and Reactive 21

Regain Your Momentum 23

Telephone Techniques for Managing Time 32

Time Management Strategies 36

CHAPTER 2: INTRODUCING: Selling in Sound Bites 38

Introducing Is Your Moment of Truth 39

The Sales 2.0 Opt-Out Crowd: Selling in a Risk-Averse Marketplace 40

Making a Live Phone Call 44

The Multiple-Touch Rule 47

The Dynamic Duo: Voice MailE-Mail 48

Take E-Mail Control 50

Introducing Strategies 62

CHAPTER 3: NAVIGATING: Avoiding the No-Po’s 64

Navigating Your Way to a Real Deal 65

Understanding How Power Works in a Sales 2.0 Environment 68

Stay Out of the No-Po Zone! 70

Navigating No-Po’s Using the 2x2 Org Chart Rule 72

Sniffing Out a No-Po 73

Why We Love Our No-Po’s 77

When You’ve Been Stuck with a No-Po Too Long 78

When the No-Po Must Protect His or Her Turf 79

Watch Out for the No-Po Entourage 79

Saying Goodbye to No-Po’s 79

Going Around Your No-Po to Address the Power Buyer 80

Navigating Strategies 84

CHAPTER 4: QUESTIONING: Building Trust, One Question at a Time 85

Questioning Uncovers Needs, Qualifies Needs, Controls Calls 86

Sales 2.0 Is About Substance 87

Quality Versus Quantity: What’s the Difference? 89

You Can No Longer Afford to Waste a Call 90

The Four Components of Questioning 91

Strategy and Planning: The Smart Selling Qualification Criteria 91

Formulating Questions 97

Style: It’s How You Ask the Question 97

The Order of Questioning: Doing the Questioning Dance 100

Questioning Strategies 103

CHAPTER 5: LISTENING: Letting Go of Assumptions 104

Listening Is About Truth 105

Listening in Sales 2.0: I Can’t Hear You Now 106

The Listening Model Has Changed 108

Digging for Pain 112

Active Listening 114

Using Verbal Listening Cues 118

Listening Without Assumptions 118

Sales Intuition 119

Becoming Comfortable with the Silent Pause 119

Note Taking Is Information Capture 120

You Are Only as Good as Your Notes 121

Information Integration 122

Listening Strategies 125

CHAPTER 6: LINKING: Selling to Power Buyers 126

Linking Connects You with C-Level Decision Makers 127

Sales 2.0 Has Redefined Power 129

How to Spot the Power Buyers 132

Linking with Influential Executive Assistants 137

Spotting Power Buyers Throughout the Sales Cycle 139

Access Granted! Now What? 142

Giving Yourself Access: You Deserve to Speak with the Power Buyer! 147

Linking Strategies 151


CHAPTER 7: PRESENTING: It’s Showtime! 152

Taking Presentations Seriously 153

It’s Sales 2.0: All I’ve Got Is Four Minutes! 155

Understand the Process 157

Know Who’s Driving 161

Be 100 Percent Present When Presenting 164

Think About Your Content 169

Presenting Strategies 173


The Brutal Truth About Objections 176

Riding the Objection Tidal Wave in Sales 2.0 178

How Salespeople Create Objections 179

Why Customers Object 184

The Five Categories of Objections 186

The E-Mail Objection 191

Handling Objections Strategies 200

CHAPTER 9: CLOSING: The Complex Road to Gaining Commitment 202

Closing Means Mastering the Sales Process 204

Sales 2.0: The Complex Close 204

Master Your Sales Skills 205

Build a Healthy Sales Funnel 209

Master Your Sales Process: The Key to Accurate Forecasting 214

Understand Your Customer’s Buying Agenda 219

Work Out Your Self-Confidence Muscles 223

Closing Strategies 226

CHAPTER 10: PARTNERING: Conscious Collaboration 228

Sales 2.0: Technology Enables Collaboration 230

Secrets of Structuring a Good Inside and Field Partnership 231

Start Strong 236

Creating Strategic Alliances and Partnerships 243

Partnering Strategies 247



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