The Communication Problem Solver

Simple Tools and Techniques for Busy Managers

The Communication Problem Solver

Author: Nannette Rundle Carroll
Pub Date: November 2009
Print Edition: $18.95
Print ISBN: 9780814413081
Page Count: 304
Format: Paper or Softback

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When what you’ve got is a failure to communicate, business breaks down. Here’s a process managers can use to connect with their people.

Managers need top-flight communication skills to keep their staffs productive and collaborative. But often, those who manage lack the ability to get things back on track once miscommunication occurs. This book helps readers analyze their communication skills and challenges and explains how they can use simple problem-solving techniques to resolve the people issues that derail productivity at work. Easily accessible and filled with real world management examples, the book shows readers how to:

• Set clear expectations

• Ask questions that will help them uncover the facts, meet business objectives, and preserve relationships

• Sharpen listening skills to grasp information better in every conversation

• Avoid imprecise judgments based on emotional reactions

• Provide useful feedback

• Encourage collaborative interactions

• Delegate more effectively

• Improve performance discussions by turning judgments into observable facts

• Build trusting and lasting relationships

This no-nonsense guide is packed with practical tools to help any manager be immediately effective, as well as a handy list of common communication problems and corresponding solutions.

About the Author

NANNETTE RUNDLE CARROLL (Walnut Creek, CA) is a popular speaker, management trainer, and communications consultant. She is also a top-rated faculty member with the American Management Association.

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