The AMA Guide to Management Development

The AMA Guide to Management Development

Authors: Daniel R. Tobin, Ph.D., Margaret Pettingell
Pub Date: May 2008
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ISBN: 9780814408995
Page Count: 336
Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9780814409794


From the experts at the American Management Association, an indispensable look at how great organizations can make the most of their managers.

Based on the set of managerial competencies specially developed by the American Management Association for a new core management curriculum, The AMA Guide to Management Development provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of how to continually develop managers throughout their entire organization. The book considers every factor important in management development, and features in-depth information on topics including:

• The five major categories of competencies, including business knowledge and the ability to lead and manage change and innovation

• The specific skills needed, including communication skills and people management skills

• Alternative methods organizations may use to develop managers, including different types of training and evaluation of learning effectiveness

Management development is a crucial task for every enterprise. This book gives readers the guidance they need to make sure that both current and future managers have the abilities their organizations need to prosper.

About the Authors

Daniel R. Tobin (Stamford, CT) is Vice President of Instructional Design and Development for the American Management Association (AMA) and has more than 30 years' experience as a corporate training director, consultant, writer, and speaker on corporate learning strategies.

Margaret S. Pettingell (Hillsborough, NJ) is is an instructional designer with AMA. She previously held positions with Novations Group, Accenture, and Decker Communications.

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