ADD/ADHD Drug Free

Natural Alternatives and Practical Exercises to Help Your Child Focus

 ADD/ADHD Drug Free

Authors: Frank Jacobelli, Lynn A. Watson
Pub Date: August 2008
Print Edition: $15.00
Print ISBN: 9780814400944
Page Count: 224
Format: Paper or Softback
e-Book ISBN: 9780814401743

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“These authors bring a world of real-life experience to the greatly important endeav­or of bridging the gaps in brain science and medical-model understanding through the creation of practical exercises geared to tap the individual strengths and learn­ing preferences of every child. Their contribution to alternative strategies, without look­ing to medication as the treatment of choice, is significant.” —Howard Glasser, author of Transforming the Difficult Child

If you’re the parent of a child with ADD/ADHD, you know just how much it affects his or her life—as well as yours. Your child may have trouble focusing, excelling in school, or even making friends. When your child suffers from this often-misunderstood disorder, you would do anything to alleviate his or her frustration. Drugs like Ritalin and Cylert are traditionally prescribed for ADD/ADHD, but their use is controversial. While many children have been helped by these medications, at best, pills only temporarily improve symptoms. Sometimes they don’t work at all, and they can come with disturbing side effects such as weight loss, insomnia, and may even slow growth in younger children.

ADD/ADHD Drug Free gives you the natural alternatives you’ve been waiting for. The first book to feature enjoyable, practical activities for children that will help them cope with their disorder by strengthening brain functioning, this life-changing guide shows parents, teachers, and counselors how they can improve learning and behavior effectively and without medication. Timely and thoroughly researched, this guide will help thousands of children become more focused and more successful in school and in life, without jeopardizing their health.

Frank Jacobelli has treated both children and adults in a variety of clinical settings including inpatient psychiatric, private practice, and community mental health. Since 1994, he has served as a clinical coordinator for Enki Health and Research Systems, Inc. providing comprehensive mental health services to a rural community.

L.A. Watson has been an early-learning education director, multiple-subject teacher, special educator, special-education administrator, and resource specialist.

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