How to Become a Better Negotiator

 How to Become a Better Negotiator

Authors: Richard A. Luecke, James G. Patterson
Pub Date: March 2008
Print Edition: $12.00
Print ISBN: 9780814400470
Page Count: 112
Format: Paper or Softback
Edition: Second Edition
e-Book ISBN: 9780814401873

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How to Become a Better Negotiator

New edition of AMACOM book shows readers how they can get what they want every time.

Because so much of our work and personal lives involve resolving differences, the ability to negotiate effectively is an essential life skill. When we buy and sell material goods, sell one's ideas, and solve problems that involve others, negotiation gets us what we want. It's a way to get one's fair share, whether it's getting approval from a boss on a new project, settling a dispute, or getting a new car. Unfortunately, many people are uncomfortable with the act of negotiating.

Updated with completely new tactics and strategies, HOW TO BECOME A BETTER NEGOTIATOR, Second Edition by Richard A. Luecke and James G. Patterson (AMACOM 2008) gives even the most negotiation-shy readers a comprehensive, crash-course in the same proven strategies and methods used by professional negotiators. Packed with fill-in-the-blank sections, tips, quizzes, and chapter reviews, the book covers important topics such as listening, assertiveness, how to deal with hostile opponents, and much more.

Readers of every negotiation skill level will receive powerful guidance that will allow them to arrive at a successful conclusion for every situation. HOW TO BECOME A BETTER NEGOTIATOR lets novice negotiators in on:

• the common characteristics shared by great negotiators;

• different tactics for handling conflict (and when to use each one)

• how to plan and carry out a successful negotiation strategy

• and proven methods for counteracting the tactics of others

As the book testifies, mastering the art of negotiation doesn't have to be complicated or difficult. Anyone can learn simple, effective tactics for getting what they feel is right. According to authors Luecke and Patterson, anyone can learn to be a good negotiator if they know what they want and what they are willing to give up; they know (or have a good idea) what the other side wants and what it is willing to give up; they come to the table with a "how can we both win" attitude; and finally, they are skilled in problem solving, listening, basic conflict management, and in the uses of tactics and strategies in negotiating. These skills and more are covered in this practical guide.

In addition, the book now features new chapters on: preparation (including identifying issues and interests and determining alternatives to a deal and reserve price); the five basic steps of negotiation and "doing the deal;" and typical negotiating pitfalls and how to avoid them.

The art of negotiation is a key skill anyone can use to improve their life and career. This updated edition of a trusted guide shows readers how they can achieve anything they want.

About the Authors:

Richard A. Luecke has negotiated over one hundred contracts with individuals, businesses, and nonbusiness institutions. He is a freelance business writer and publishing executive whose articles have been published by Oxford University Press, John Wiley & Sons, and Harvard Business School Press. He lives in Salem, Massachusetts. James G. Patterson is a training consultant who has taught leadership and communication skills for the U.S. Army Military Intelligence School. He lives in Tucson, Arizona.

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