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Jackie Barretta, author of Primal Teams
Learn more about Jackie Barretta's book, blog, consulting, speaking and workshops.

Shannon Belew, author of The Art of Social Selling
Connect online with Shannon Belew to ask questions, get access to articles, tips and videos, and discover how online marketing and social selling can provide a boost to your organization.

Chip R. Bell, co-author of Managing Knock Your Socks Off Service
New and continually updated ways to create superior customer experience complete with resources and articles.

Aimee Bernstein, author of Stress Less. Achieve More.
Gain access to articles, tips, and videos about using pressure to enhanced performance and learn about Aimee's consulting, coaching and speaking services.

David Braun, author of Successful Acquisitions
Get timely news, surprising insights and practical tips on growth strategies, mergers and acquisitions and business growth from David Braun.

Terry R. Bacon, author of Elements of Influence, Elements of Power, Powerful Proposals, Winning Behavior, The Behavioral Advantage, and Selling to Major Accounts
Learn more about Terry R. Bacon’s books, poetry, photography, and other interests.

John Baldoni, author of Lead by Example, Lead with Purpose, 12 Steps to Power Presence, Lead Your Boss, and co-editor of The AMA Handbook of Leadership
Learn more about John Baldoni for consulting, books, articles, speaking, and workshops.

John Bradberry, author of 6 Secrets to Startup Success
Learn more about John and his products, workshops, research, consulting, and speaking.

Deb Bright, author of The Truth Doesn’t Have to Hurt
Learn more about Deb Bright for speaking and workshop opportunities, executive coaching, and books.

Mary Christensen, author of Be a Network Marketing Superstar and Be a Recruiting Superstar
Get to know Mary through her speaking, CDs, books, and Monday Mentor eNewsletter, plus check out the YouTube video of her speaking.

Darlene Christopher, author of The Successful Virtual Classroom
Learn how to design and facilitate interactive and engaging live online training.

Rod Collins, author of Wiki Management
Learn more about Rod Collins for consulting, books, articles, and speaking.

Steve Curtin, author of Delight Your Customers.
Learn more about Steve Curtin for consulting, articles, keynote speaking, and workshops.

Kevin Davis, author of Slow Down, Sell Faster!
Learn more about Kevin Davis for workshops, speaking, articles and consulting.

Rebecca Deurlein, EdD, author of Teenagers 101
Learn more about Rebecca Deurlein’s expertise, publications, speaking engagements, and workshops.

Mark Donnolo, author of The Innovative Sale and What Your CEO Needs to Know About Sales Compensation
Learn more about Mark Donnolo for consulting, books, articles, speaking, and workshops.

Donny Ebenstein, author of I Hear You
Learn more about Donny’s book on his book website

Lina Echeverría, author of Idea Agent
Learn more about Lina Echeverría for workshops, speaking engagements and consulting.

Scott K. Edinger, coauthor of The Hidden Leader
Learn more about Scott K. Edinger for consulting, books, articles, and speaking.

Paul Falcone, author of 101 Sample Write-Ups for Documenting Employee Performance Problems, 101 Tough Conversations to Have with Employees, 96 Great Interview Questions to Ask Before You Hire, The Performance Appraisal Tool Kit, 2600 Phrases for Effective Performance Reviews, and 2600 Phrases for Setting Effective Performance Goals.
Learn more about Paul Falcone for articles and speaking engagements.

Professor Michael D. Fayer, author of Absolutely Small
Learn more about Michael Fayer and his scientific research, journal articles, books, and his research group at Stanford University.

Noah Fleming, author of Evergreen
Learn more about Noah Fleming for consulting, speaking, and workshops.

Scott Fox, author of Click Millionaires, e-Riches 2.0, and Internet Riches
Learn more about Scott Fox’s recommendations, coaching, and free advice for internet entrepreneurship success and join his free Internet Lifestyle Entrepreneur Forum.

Colleen Francis, author of Nonstop Sales Boom
Learn more about Colleen Francis for consulting, books, articles, speaking, and workshops.

Rich Gallagher, author of The Customer Service Survival Kit, How to Tell Anyone Anything, and What to Say to a Porcupine
Discover Rich Gallagher's books, speaking, and consulting on handling difficult customer and workplace situations.

Joani Geltman, author of A Survival Guide To Parenting Teens
Learn more about Joani Geltman for consulting, coaching, speaking, and workshops.

Mark Goulston, M.D., author of Just Listen and co-author of Real Influence
Learn more about Dr. Mark and his coaching, speaking and consulting services.

Paul Gustavson, co-author of A Team of Leaders
Learn more about Paul Gustavson’s consulting, books, workshops, speaking & focus on developing a team of leaders.

Fred Hahn, author of Strong Kids, Healthy Kids
Learn more about the book and join a community of parents helping their kids on the way to strength-training success.

Dick Handshaw, author of Training That Delivers Results
Learn more about Dick Handshaw, President at Handshaw, Inc., a consultant, speaker, author, and champion for real innovation and quality in instructional design.

Jim Hasse, compiler and editor of Perfectly Able
Shows why Jim Hasse, author, editor, and blogger is a disability employment expert and why Perfectly Able is an essential guidebook for hiring managers who seek to put disability to work as their competitive edge.

C.J. Hayden, author of Get Clients Now!
Discover how this simple 28-day marketing plan can bring you all the clients you’ll ever need.

Kristi Hedges, author of Power of Presence
Learn more about Kristi Hedges for coaching, speaking, workshops and check out her latest articles

Mark Hunter, author of High-Profit Selling
Learn more about Mark Hunter for sales consulting, key note speaking, and training.

Peter Jensen, author of The Winning Factor
Learn more about Peter Jensen and lessons on leadership and personal high performance from Olympic athletes and coaches.

Jim Joseph, author of The Experience Effect
Get to know Jim Joseph by viewing video content, reading his blog, and following him over social media.

Maryann Karinch, co-author of Business Confidential with Peter Earnest
Learn more about Maryann's presentations, training, and books.

Brad Karsh, co-author of Manager 3.0
Learn more about Brad Karsh for speaking, books, articles, and workshops.

Bruce L. Katcher, Ph.D., author of An Insider's Guide to Building a Successful Consulting Practice and 30 Reasons Employees Hate Their Managers
Learn about Dr. Katcher's employee survey consulting, books, and speaking.

Chris Komisarjevsky, author of The Power of Reputation
Learn more about the book and read speeches, articles, reviews and blogs.

Michelle Tillis Lederman, author of The 11 Laws of Likability
Learn more about Michelle Tillis Lederman for Training, Speaking and Coaching. Focused on teaching people how to communicate to connect she helps you get results with clear, compelling, confident communication.

Stewart Liff, author of Improving the Performance of Government Employees, The Complete Guide to Hiring and Firing a Government Employees, Managing Your Government Career, Managing Government Employees, Seeing is Believing with Pamela A. Posey, D.B.A. and A Team of Leaders with Paul Gustavson.
Learn more about Stewart Liff for consulting, books, articles and workshops.

Nicole Lipkin, Psy.D., MBA, author of What Keeps Leaders Up At Night
Learn more about Nicole Lipkin for consulting, coaching, books, speaking and workshops.

David Livermore, author of Leading with Cultural Intelligence and The Cultural Intelligence Difference
Learn more about David Livermore’s writings on global leadership and cultural intelligence including sample chapters, Dave’s blog, and info on Dave’s speaking, consulting, and workshops.

John Mattone, author of Talent Leadership
Learn more about John Mattone for speaking, workshops, executive coaching and consulting.

Dale McGowan, author of In Faith and in Doubt, Parenting Beyond Belief, and Raising Freethinkers
Learn more about Dale McGowan’s books, articles, speaking, and workshops.

Andrew Miller, author of Redefining Operational Excellence
Learn more about Andrew Miller for consulting, speaking, and coaching, as well as free resources like articles, videos, teleconferences, and books.

Sheila Moran, author of The Board of Directors and Audit Committee Guide to Fiduciary Responsibilities.
Learn more about Sheila Moran for books, articles, speaking and workshops.

Peggy Lou Morgan, author of Parenting an Adult with Disabilities or Special Needs
Peggy shares her wisdom and experience in helping those with disabilities or special needs find their place in the world and shows how you can help your child.

Kurt Mortensen, author of Maximum Influence, The Laws of Charisma and Persuasion IQ. Learn more about Kurt Mortensen for consulting, books, keynotes, persuasion assessments and custom workshops.

Tamara Myles, author of The Secret to Peak Productivity
Learn more about Tamara Myles for speaking, workshops, articles or consulting.

JoAnneh Nagler, author of The Debt-Free Spending Plan
A five-minute-a-day debt-free living plan for people who hate numbers, never liked math, and rarely balance their checkbooks.

David Newman, author of Do It! Marketing.
Get info on David's speaking and coaching services plus 100+ free marketing tools to help you boost sales, maximize profits, and crush your competition.

Patricia Nolan-Brown, author of Idea to Invention
Learn more about Patricia Nolan-Brown for product development, consulting, and speaking.

Patrick O’Keefe, author of Managing Online Forums
Learn everything you need to know about running successful discussion boards, including downloadable templates and sample forums.

Shari Olefson, author of Financial Fresh Start
Resources to help folks adapt their banking and borrowing, credit and debt, earning and spending, homeownership, saving, investing and retirement,education, and tips on hiring the best professional to help you adapt and prosper in the new economy.

Starr C. Osborne, author of Home Staging That Works
Learn more about Starr C. Osborne for consulting, books, articles, speaking, and workshops.

Laurence A. Pagnoni, author of The Nonprofit Fundraising Solution
Learn more about Laurence A. Pagnoni for consulting, books, articles, speaking, and workshops on powerful revenue strategies to take you to the next level.

Kimberly Palmer, author of The Economy of You
Learn more about Kimberly Palmer and The Economy of You

Edgar Papke, author of True Alignment
Learn more about Edgar Papke and his speaking, coaching and consulting, and workshops.

Andy Paul, author of Amp Up Your Sales
Learn more about Andy Paul for speaking and workshops, consulting, books, articles. and interactive self-paced training products.

Dennis N.T. Perkins, author of Leading at The Edge and Into the Storm
Learn more about Dennis Perkins and The Syncretics Group for consulting, executive coaching, books, articles, and speaking.

Frank J. Pietrucha, author of Supercommunicator.
Learn more about Frank J. Pietrucha’s consulting, writing, speaking and workshops

Michael Reinhard, author of Commercial Mortgages 101
Learn more about Michael Reinhard, commercial real estate loans and how you can purchase a signed copy from the author.

Claire Raines, coauthor of Generations at Work and The Art of Connecting
Learn more about Claire's speeches, workshops, books and products including the Values & Influence Assessment.

Diana Rivenburgh, author of The New Corporate Facts of Life
Contact Diana Rivenburgh to learn about books, articles, speaking, workshops and consulting to discover ways to prosper in this new era of catalytic change.

William J. Rothwell, author of Lean but Agile, Effective Succession Planning, and Working Longer
Learn more about William J. Rothwell for consulting, books, articles, speaking, and workshops.

Stephen A. Ruffa, author of Going Lean
Learn more about how companies and institutions can promote innovation, growth, and sustained profits even in conditions that should drag them down by using the principles of lean dynamics.

Dagmara Scalise, author of Twin Sense
Have twins? Are you awake right now because they are? Get some great advice (and comebacks) here, plus babies eating toast!

Brad and Deb Schepp, authors of Amazon Top Seller Secrets
Learn more about all of Brad and Deb Schepp’s books and sign up for the eNewsletter.

Jeffrey Seglin, author of The AMA Handbook of Business Letters
Learn more about Jeffrey Seglin for consulting, books, articles, speaking, and workshops.

Dan Seidman, author of The Secret Language of Influence
World Class selling strategies from the “Trainer to the World Sales Trainers!”

William Seidman and Richard Grbavac, authors of The Star Factor
Learn more about William Seidman and Richard Grbavac for consulting, books, articles, speaking, and workshops on using Affirmative Leadership to create a culture of greatness.

Susan Shearouse, author of Conflict 101
Learn more about Susan Shearouse for consulting, workshops, group facilitation, mediation and conflict coaching.

Becky Sheetz-Runkle, author of The Art of War for Small Business.
Learn more about Becky Sheetz-Runkle for speaking, workshops, marketing and strategy consulting, and testimonials.

Kevin M. Short, author of Sell Your Business For an Outrageous Price
Learn more about Kevin Short for speaking, consulting, articles and interviews.

Paul Smith, author of Lead with a Story and Parenting with a Story
Learn more about Paul Smith for keynote speaking, training, consulting, podcasts, and books

Micah Solomon, co-author of Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit
Learn more about Micah Solomon and his acclaimed keynote speaking, workshops, consulting, and media opportunities.

Colleen Stanley, author of Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success
Building leaders and redefining sales with emotional intelligence training.

Winston Tan, co-author of The Performance Appraisal Toolkit
Learn more about Winston for organizational consulting on optimizing employee performance and compensation (a key to why we go to work every day!)

Rosemary Tator and Alesia Latson, authors of More Time for You
Learn how you can have more time for the things that matter most.

Courtney Templin, co-author of Manager 3.0
Learn more about Courtney Templin for speaking, books, articles, and workshops.

Jeff Toister, author of Service Failure
Learn more about Service Failure and get free customer service tips.

Brian Tracy, author of Reinvention, Speak to Win, Time Power, Crunch Point, The Power of Charm, Focal Point, and TurboStrategy
Everything you need to know about Brian Tracy, whether it’s books, speaking, newsletters, ebooks, or coaching.

Brad VanAuken, author of Brand Aid
For information on brand management and marketing.

David Van Rooy, author of Trajectory
Learn more about David, his book, follow his blog, and access up-to-date information and career exercises.

Philip Vassallo, author of How to Write Fast Under Pressure
Learn about Phil’s writing, editorial, and coaching services.

Georg Vielmetter, co-author of Leadership 2030
Find out more about Georg’s Leadership 2030 research and what the leaders of the future must look like.

Mike Weinberg, author of New Sales. Simplified.
Mike writes about sales, sales leadership and the sales process, almost always with a bent toward developing new business and acquiring new customers.

Taffy Williams, author of Think Agile
Learn more about Taffy Williams for consulting, books, articles, speaking, and workshops.

Todd C. Williams, author of Rescue the Problem Project
Todd's first book delivers twenty-five years of project rescue experience which focuses on the process to rescue the project.

Lily Whiteman, author of How to Land a Top-Paying Federal Job, Second Edition
Get the best advice for your federal career here from Lily Whiteman.