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—Matt Barrie, chief executive of Freelancer.com

Are you tired of worrying about your job? Does your income seem like it’s never enough? Join the millions who are starting “microbusinesses,” and taking back their financial futures! Solopreneurs are everywhere, launching apps, eBay stores, artisanal treats, e-books, life coaching services, tutoring businesses—you name it—on top of their regular jobs. They’re adding to their incomes, building safety nets, and finding a sense of fulfillment they never dreamed possible.

Financial columnist Kimberly Palmer started her own microbusiness on the side—and it was a success. Now in her new book,  THE ECONOMY OF YOU, anyone can learn how to create a lucrative business of their own...

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• What are the 5 biggest mistakes many "solopreneurs" make?

• Learn the 9 secrets of succesful side-giggers.

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